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David Hořák

I am interested in the ecological space concept, its description and theoretical definition. I understand the ecological space as habitat, biotope and a set of ecological niches. I study the importance of structure of ecological space (heterogeneity) for the origination and maintenance of biological diversity and its relationship to the physical space. For inspiration and data, I frequently go to the birds. Either to the Czech forests and wetlands of Třeboňsko, Šumava and Žofínský prales, or to the wilderness tropical forests and savannas of Cameroon and Southern Africa. I enjoy philosophical questions of ecology, which brought me recently to its humanistic border, e.g. to urban and landscape design. I strongly believe that my academic efforts will help me to lead practical steps in conservation of nature in Africa or perhaps wetlands of Třeboňsko basin.


Currently, I guarantee "Ecology of Birds" (MB162P09), "Functional Community Ecology and Biogeography" (MB162P28), "Journal Club in Ecology & Evolution" (MB162S02) and field course "Ecology in Interdisciplinary Research" (MB162T07). I participate in "Field Course in Ecology" (MB162T02) and "Birds of Europe" (MB170P92).

Selected recent publications

  • Rivas-Salvador, J., Hořák, D., & Reif, J. (2019). Spatial patterns in habitat specialization of European bird communities. Ecological Indicators, 105, 57-69.https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecolind.2019.05.063 
  • Hořák, D., Ferenc, M., Sedláček, O., Motombi, F. N., Svoboda, M., Altman, J., Albrecht, T., Djomo Nana, E., Janeček, Š., Dančák, M., Majeský, L., Lltonga, E. N. & Doležal, J. (2019). Forest structure determines spatial changes in avian communities along an elevational gradient in tropical Africa. Journal of Biogeography, 46 (11), 2466-2478.
  • Koláčková, M., Kreisinger, J., Albrecht, T., & Hořák, D. (2019). Effect of incubation temperature on sex-dependent embryo mortality and morphological traits in Mallard. Journal of Thermal Biology, 83, 95-102.
  • Mikula, P., Tószögyová, A., Hořák, D., Petrusková, T., Storch, D., & Albrecht, T. (online early). Female solo song and duetting are associated with different territoriality in songbirds. Behavioral Ecology.
  • Ferenc, M., Sedláček, O., Tropek, R., Albrecht, T., Altman, J., Dančák, M., Doležal, J., Janeček, Š., Maicher, V., Majeský, L., Motombi, F. N., Murkwe, M., Sáfián, S., Svoboda, M. & Hořák. D. (2018). Something is missing at the bottom: Importance of coastal rainforests for conservation of trees, birds and butterflies in the Mount Cameroon area. African Journal of Ecology, 56(3), 679-683.
  • Storchová, L., & Hořák, D. (2018). Life‐history characteristics of European birds. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 27(4), 400-406.

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