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Vojtěch Abraham


in Karl Rudolf's laboratory for palaeoecology at section of Plant Ecology

research interests:greetings from the winter coring

pollen analysis, Quaternary, Holocene, quantitative interpretation of pollen analysis, pollen-vegetation relationship, pollen pruductivity and pollen dispersal


2001-2003: Enviromental Studies, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague

2003-2006: Master degree, Department of Botany, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague: Biology - geobotany (Thesis: The Natural Vegetation of Bohemian Switzerland and its changes as an impact of habitation and forest management)

2006-2015: "Phd." 2016: "RNDr." degree in Botany, Department of Botany, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague: Botany (Thesis: Palynological synthesis for Czech Republic)


project leader: 2007-2009: Czech Quaternary Palynological Database (GA UK, 29407)
joint applicant: 2008-2012: Vegetation continuity and landscape dynamics. Present state and historical causes of diversity hotspot in a region with vacillating colonisation (GA AV CR IAAX00050801) – project leader Jiří Sádlo

2016-2018: Origin of diversity of Central European landscapes: using recent pollen and vegetation models to reconstruct historical biodiversity changes (GAČR 16-10100S) – project leader Jan Roleček

2017-2019: Hidden human prehistoric activities in the mountains. Archaeological and pollen evidence from the Šumava Mountains (GAČR 17-17909S) - project leader Dagmar Dreslerová

2019-2021: Long-term history of woodland under human impact, archaeoathracological synthesis for lowlands in Czech Republic (GAČR 19-14292S) – project leader Jan Novák

researcher: 2007-2011: Long-term development of cultural landscape of Central Bohemia as a co-evolution of human impacts and natural processes (GA AV CR IAAX00020701) - project leader Petr Pokorný
2012-2016: Pollen-based land-cover reconstruction – model testing and its implications for the Holocene environmental change studies (GACR P504/12/0649) - project leader Petr Kuneš
2013-2016: Holocene environmental dynamics in the Hornomoravský úval region: Key processes inducing the formation of recent landscape mosaic. (GAČR 13-11193S) - project leader Jan Novák

2014-2016: Human, Agricultural, and Cllimatic Impact on Ecological Rules: macroecological analysis of paleo-biological datasets - (Czech-Norwegian Research Programme) - project leader Arnošt Leoš Šizling

2017-2019: Holocene retrogression of temperate forest ecosystems and 1st millennium BC environmental collapse in Bohemia: Causes, processes and consequences for biodiversity (GAČR 17-07851S) - project leader Petr Pokorný

2019-2021: Land use, social transformations and woodland in Central European Prehistory. Modelling approaches to human-environment interactions (GAČR 19-20970Y) – project leader Jan Kolář


topics of master and bachelor thesis

Practical course of karyological and palynological methods - MB120C112E (with Tomáš Urfus)


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since 2008: co-administrator of Czech Quaternary Palynological Database - PALYCZ (together with Petr Kuneš)

my photos of plants

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