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RNDr. Lukáš Fischer, PhD

Department of Experimental Plant Biology
room: 210 - Viničná 5, 2nd-floor
email: lukasf@natur.cuni.cz
tel: 22195 1688
consulting hours: after an agreement (tel, e-mail) at any time

Plant Cell Biology and Biotechnology
- Plant Molecular Biology group

Scientific profile and focus:

Main areas of interest:

  • Epigenetics & RNA interference
  • Energy metabolism of plants (photosynthesis - PsbO, G-protein signaling, glutamine synthetases in photorespiration)
  • Applied plant transgenesis


  • Plant Molecular Genetics - Fischer
  • Plant Energy Metabolism - Fischer, Duchoslav
  • Plant Epigenetics - Placette, Fischer et al.
  • Plant Physiology - Albrechtová, Fischer, Petrášek
  • Plant Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering - Moravec et al.
  • Biotechnology - Švecová et al.

Selected publications:

  • Přibylová A, Čermák V, Tyč D, Fischer L* (2019) Detailed insight into the dynamics of the initial phases of de novo RNA-directed DNA methylation in plant cells. Epigenetics & Chromatin 12: 54
  • Čermák V; Fischer, L* (2018) Pervasive read-through transcription of T-DNAs is frequent in tobacco BY-2 cells and can effectively induce silencing. BMC Plant biology 18: 252
  • Tyč D, Nocarová E, Sikorová L, Fischer L* (2017) 5-Azacytidine mediated reactivation of silenced transgenes in potato (Solanum tuberosum) at the whole plant level. Plant Cell Reports 36: 1311-1322
  • Holá D, Benešová M, Fischer L, Haisel D, Hnilička F, Hniličková H, Jedelský PL, Kočová M, Procházková D, Rothová O (2017) The disadvantages of being a hybrid during drought: A combined analysis of plant morphology, physiology and leaf proteome in maize. PLoS ONE 12: e0176121
  • Srba M*, Černíková A, Opatrný Z, Fischer L (2016) Practical guidelines for the characterization of tobacco BY-2 cell lines. Biologia Plantarum 60: 13-24.
  • Duchoslav M, Fischer L* (2015) Parallel subfunctionalisation of PsbO protein isoforms in angiosperms revealed by phylogenetic analysis and mapping of sequence variability onto protein structure. BMC Plant Biology 15: 133
  • Phan N, Urano D, Srba M, Fischer L, Jones AM* (2013): Sugar-induced endocytosis of plant 7TM-RGS proteins. Plant signaling & behavior, 8: e22814
  • Benešová M, Holá D, Fischer L, Jedelský PL, Hnilička F, Wilhelmová N, Rothová O, Kočová M, Procházková D, Honnerová J, Fridrichová L, Hniličková H (2012) The Physiology and Proteomics of Drought Tolerance in Maize: Early Stomatal Closure as a Cause of Lower Tolerance to Short-Term Dehydration? PLoS ONE 7: e38017
  • Šlajcherová K, Fišerová J, Fischer L, Schwarzerová K (2012) Multiple actin isotypes in plants: diverse genes for diverse roles? Frontiers in plant science 3: 226
  • Dvořáková L, Srba M, Opatrny Z, Fischer L* (2012) Hybrid proline-rich proteins: novel players in plant cell elongation? Annals of Botany 109: 453–462
  • Nocarova E, Opatrny Z, Fischer L* (2010) Successive silencing of tandem reporter genes in potato (Solanum tuberosum) over 5 years of vegetative propagation. Annals of Botany 106: 565-572
  • Schwarzerova K+, Vondrakova Z+, Fischer L+, Borikova P, Bellinvia E, Eliasova K, Havelkova L, Fiserova J, Vagner M, Opatrny Z* (2010) The roles of actin isoforms in somatic embryogenesis in Norway spruce. BMC Plant Biology 10:89.
  • Nocarova E, Fischer L* (2009) Cloning of transgenic tobacco BY-2 cells; an efficient method to analyze and reduce high natural heterogeneity of transgene expression. BMC Plant Biology 9:44.
  • Fischer L*, Lipavska H, Hausman JF, Opatrny Z (2008) Morphological and molecular characterization of a spontaneously tuberizing potato mutant: an insight into the regulatory mechanisms of tuber induction. BMC Plant Biology 8:117.
  • Kuthanová A, Fischer L*, Nick P, Opatrný O (2008) Cell cycle phase-specific death response of tobacco BY-2 cell line to cadmium treatment. Plant Cell & Environment 31:1634-1643.
  • Kuthanová A, Opatrný Z, Fischer L* (2008) Is internucleosomal DNA fragmentation an indicator of programmed cell death in plant cells? Journal of Experimental Botany 59:2233-2240.
  • Dvořáková L, Cvrčková F, Fischer L* (2007) Analysis of the hybrid proline-rich protein families from seven plant species suggests rapid diversification of their sequences and expression patterns. BMC Genomics 8:412.
  • Navrátil O*, Fischer L, Čmejlová J, Linhart M, Vacek J (2007) Decreased amount of reducing sugars in potato tubers and its influence on yield characteristics. Biologia Plantarum 51: 56-60.
  • Štokrová J, Palková Z, Fischer L, Richterová Z, Korb J, Griffin BE, Forstová J* (1999) Interactions of heterologous DNA with polyomavirus major structural protein, VP1. FEBS Letters 445: 119-125.


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