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Thursday 3rd November


Registration & light refreshments


Welcome & organisation details (Linda Nedbalová et al.)


 Topic 1: New snow algae, taxonomy and field work - chair: Thomas Leya


Daniel Remias, Lenka Procházková: Premiere for a strain of a glacial ice alga: Ancylonema alaskanum (Zygnematophyceae, Streptophyta) differs in morphology and light requirements from field samples


Thomas Pröschold: Limnomonas spitsbergensis, a new snow algal species belonging to Moewusinia (Chlorophyceae, Chlorophyta)


Hirono Suzuki, Alexandre Détain, Nathalie Leborgne-Castel, Lenka Procházková, Chris J. Hulatt: Isolation of snow algae in Northern Norway


 11:30–13:30 Lunch & group photo


 Topic 1 (continuation) – chair: Linda Nedbalová


Matthew Davey: Snow algae in Antarctica


Lenka Procházková, Daniel Remias, Linda Nedbalová, Milena Kociánová: Chloromonas sp. „Milena-type“ (Chlorophyta) causing unusual salmon red snow in mountains in association with broadleaf shrubs


Jade Ezzedine, Alpalga team: Study of green microalgae collected in the snowpack at high elevations in the French Alps



Poster flash talks


Poster session & "chlebíčky" session (legendary Czech open sandwiches)


 Topic 1 (continuation) & biotechnology – chair: Lenka Procházková


Alex Innes Thomson, Naomi Thomas, Alex Détain, Hirono Suzuki, Chris J. Hulatt, Matt Davey: Capturing the community - approaches to community characterisation in mixed snow algae blooms


Jana Kvíderová, Karel Šnokhous, Jiří Liška, Jaromír Lukavský, Pavel Přibyl, Lenka Procházková, Josef Elster: Medium- and large-scale cultivations of polar microalga Bracteacoccus sp.


 17:10–18:00 Discussion Topic 1 moderator: Linda Nedbalová


 19:30 Conference dinner


Friday 4th November

 Invited lecture


Andreas Holzinger: Survival strategies of Zygnematophyceae – is sexual reproduction a benefit for terrestrialization?


 Topic 2: Ecology, genetics & proteomics – chair: Thomas Leya


Adeline Stewart, Jean-Gabriel Valay, Eric Coissac, Eric Maréchal: Altitudinal zonation of green algae in the French Alps


Alexandre Détain: Cellular and molecular responses of snow algae under polar conditions


 10:30–11:30 Coffeebreak


 Topic 2 (continuation) – chair: Thomas Leya


Sung Mi Cho, Sanghee Kim: The first report of microalgal dopamine production supported by a high-quality nuclear genome and LC-MS/MS analytics from the Antarctic Micractinium KSF0031


Breanna B. Raymond, Lynne M. Quarmby: The genome of Sanguina aurantia


Helen K. Feord et al.: Developing the analysis of Greenland Ice Sheet metaproteomes: steps towards the quantification of snow and ice algae proteins from field samples


 12:30–13:00 Discussion Topic 2 moderator: Thomas Leya


 13:00–14:20 Lunch


Topic 3: Physiology & organisms in snow algae isolates – chair: Daniel Remias



Emily Broadwell, Rachel Pickford, Chris Williamson, Daniel Remias: Snow and Glacier Algae: MicroLab@Bristol approaches to understanding life in the cryosphere


Daniela F. Soto, Iván Gómez, Pirjo Huovinen: Processes underlying the microbial community assembly during the formation of snow algae blooms


Thomas Leya: Co-existing organisms in snow algae isolates


 15:30–16:00 Discussion Topic 3 moderator: Daniel Remias


 16:00–17:00 Coffeebreak


 17:00–18:00 Round table discussion, closing of the meeting

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