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Study Oppurtunities

promisThe Geology Institutes are part of the Faculty of Science of Charles University (in addition to the Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Geography). The Geology Institutes are the guarantor of study and research in a great many fields of the Earth sciences.

In the past, geology and its fields consisted mainly of teaching about the composition, structure and development of the Earth’s crust. In addition to this base, the geological sciences are now concerned with knowledge of the entire Earth as a planet and primarily the interactions amongst its spheres – geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere. Thus geology has become a science that utilizes knowledge derived from chemistry, biology, ecology and geography. These disciplines can then sometimes predominate in the specializations of geology graduates. This allows students to satisfy their interests in study by interconnecting with fields of study that they know well from secondary school. A wide range of compulsory and optional lectures, not only in the basic fields of geology  (paleontology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, petrology, etc.) but also in protection of the environment, geographic information systems, botany, zoology, and organic and inorganic chemistry enable graduates to find good positions after graduation.

stgIf you would like more information on the contents and options for study of the Earth sciences in the Geology Institutes, click on the picture referring you to the web site of Study of Geology.


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