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Our Geology Master's programme, specializing in Geodynamics, comprehensively explores various facets of tectonic processes. Through the examination of magmatic and metamorphic rocks, including their deformation structures, students gain insights into the dynamic Earth processes. The two-year master's degree programme places a significant emphasis on individual research projects, master's theses, benefiting from our teaching approach that integrates a multiscale and interdisciplinary perspective. Our tutorial-style teaching incorporates practical courses, fostering "hands-on" experiences that develop essential computer modeling capabilities and other crucial soft skills. Field expertise is integral to the programme, with numerous master's thesis projects grounded in fieldwork. Additionally, our experimental petrology laboratory offers valuable insights into complex natural processes. 

The programme nurtures teamwork and independent thinking through interactions among Czech, international, and visiting Erasmus students, as well as with lecturers and PhD students. Students benefit from a global network of collaborators, encompassing various scientific institutions in Czechia and abroad. The programme also provides opportunities for Erasmus mobility, allowing students to explore exchanges with numerous top European universities.

Our Geodynamics Master's programme is taught in English and its standard duration is two years. The tuition fee is 60000 CZK (~2500 €) per year. Being a student of Charles University guarantees a number of student benefits including accommodation in student dormitories and a discount for public transport in Prague. The basic monthly living costs to be covered by incoming students are estimated to 500 €. For more information on visa requirements and student housing see the Charles University web page https://cuni.cz/UKEN-555.html.

Admission requirements

To be admitted to our Geology-Geodynamics Master's programme, the candidates must have a bachelor's degree in geology or equivalent. If your bachelor's study is still in progress you can apply, however be aware that the final acceptance is conditioned by the successful completion of your bachelor's degree. Your bachelor's degree must be presented to our study department prior to beginning of your master's study.

Candidates are expected to be fluent in English, both spoken and written.

Application and selection

The deadline for application is on the 29th of February 2024. The application is done online using the submission system of the Charles University, see the faculty Master's programmes - Geology

The selection process includes two stages:

1) Evaluation of your motivation and previous studies

2) Online interview

For more information and further inquiries about our institute and application process, the candidates are encouraged to contact us at geodynamics@natur.cuni.cz or visit our department in Prague upon prior notice.

Curriculum outline

1st year

Winter semester

Summer semester

  • Advanced Metamorphic Petrology
  • Rheology and deformation microstructures
  • Advanced Structural Geology
  • Isotope Geochemistry - Geochronology
  • Data analysis in R and Python
  • Advanced reading course
  • Seminar in Petrology and Structural Geology
  • Diploma project I.
  • Igneous processes
  • Geological Thermodynamics
  • Numerical Modelling of Heat Transfer in Geology
  • Dynamics of Magma Chambers
  • Microanalysis of Geomaterials
  • Advanced Microscopy
  • Advanced Reading Course
  • Seminar in Petrology and Structural Geology
  • Diploma project II.
  • Field Course in Geodynamics

2nd year

Winter semester

Summer semester

  • Geodynamics of Lithosphere
  • Magnetic Anisotropy and Paleomagnetism
  • Experimental Petrology
  • Seminar in Petrology and Structural Geology
  • Diploma project III.
  • Seminar in Petrology and Structural Geology
  • Diploma project IV.

Elective courses

Field courses

Additional courses

  • Field Course in Petrology and Structural Geology
  • Field Exercises in Structural Geology
  • Field Course in Petrology
  • Petrology of Metamorphic Rocks
  • Fundamentals of Structural Geology
  • Microscopy of rock-forming minerals
  • Microscopy of Rocks
  • Metallic deposits: geology, mining, and environmental impact

For more details check curriculum


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