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The Institute was established in 1994 by combining the Departments of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Crystallography and a large part of the Department of Economic Geology.

slavikProf. František Slavík

(1876 - 1957): Professor of mineralogy at the Institute of Mineralogy of the university (predecessor of the departments of mineralogy, geochemistry and crystallography), head of the Institute (1916 – 1947), Dean of the Faculty of Science of Charles University (1924 – 1925) and Rector of Charles University (1937 – 1938).  He renewed the Institute after the IInd World War. He authored more than 500 original publications, primarily important works in the area of systematic and regional mineralogy.

koutekProf. Jaromír Koutek

(1902 - 1983): Founder and first Head of the Department of Mineral Resources (later Deposit Geology) of Charles University. He authored numerous works in deposit geology and investigated deposits particularly in Českomoravská vrchovina (Czech-Moravian Highlands) and in the area around Kutná Hora. He contributed to the modern view of the structure of the Western Carpathians. He also contributed to knowledge in hydrogeology and balneology.

Prof. Vladimír Bouška

(1933 - 2001): He established the independent field of study of Geochemistry (from 1974/1975). He worked primarily in the areas of coal geochemistry and systematic and regional mineralogy and substantially contributed to knowledge of natural glasses, especially moldavites.


Dr. Petr Jakeš

(1940-2005): Geologist and geochemist, he graduated at Charles University in 1962 and became a researcher at Australian National University (Canberra, Australia) and Lunar Science Institute (NASA, Houston, USA), where he studied volcanic activity in SW Pacific and Moon rocks from Apollo 14 and 15 missions, respectively. From 1990s he became a research assistant at the Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Mineral Resources, where he taught geochemistry, volcanology and planetology. He has also dealt with the popularization of science and wrote several books about Earth sciences devoted to broad public.

Former heads of the Institute:                

        Emil Jelínek (1994 - 2001)              

        Richard Přikryl (2001 - 2005)        

        Martin Mihaljevič (2005 - 2011)    

        Jan Jehlička (2011-2017)                

        Vojtěch Ettler (since 2017)             


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