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Introducing Geology Institutes


Institues of Geology's main building, Albertov 6

The fields of geology at Charles University have a long and rich tradition that extends far back into the history of the university. At the time of establishment of the Faculty of Science in 1920, the predecessor of the Section of Geology was the newly established Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography, which was originally headed by the internationally renowned Professor of Mineralogy, František Slavík, who was later the Rector of Charles University. The further development and character of the fields of the geological sciences were consistently formed by important scientific and pedagogical personages, who were frequently graduates of the geology departments at the Faculty of Science. At random, we can mention Ivo Chlupáč (geologist and paleontologist) and Petr Jakeš (geologist, geochemist and writer of science articles for the public).


The structure of the Section of Geology acquired its present form in 1994. It associates 4 institutes covering a broad spectrum of fields of the geological sciences, from the basic disciplines of geology (geology, paleontology, petrology, structural geology, mineralogy and geochemistry) to applied disciplines in the geological sciences (environmental geochemistry, deposit geology, hydrogeology, engineering geology and applied geophysics).

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From the very beginning, the Section of Geology has been associated with the building of the institutes of the geological sciences at Albertov 6. This building has undergone a great many modifications during its existence. The most fundamental can be considered to be the construction of a number of laboratories with modern instrumental technology. In addition to state-of-the-art equipment, it also contains unique collections of fossils in the Chlupáč Museum of the History of the Earth and minerals in the Mineral Museum. As a result of these conditions, the Institutes of Geology can now provide students and employees with a sound scientific and teaching base and equipment corresponding to the standards of global university workplaces in the geological sciences.


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