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Vojtěch Janoušek, list of publications

Please see my Researcher ID account at Thompson Scientific's Web of Science for a more detailed information: (external link)

2022 and in press

  • Buriánek, D., Soejono, I., Schulmann, K., Janoušek, V., Hanžl, P., Čáp, P., Bold, U., Svojtka, M., Collett, S. & Žáček, V. (2022): Subduction-controlled temporal and spatial variations in early Palaeozoic sedimentary and volcanic record of the Mongol-Altai Domain. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 230, 105182. 

  • Janoušek, V., Erban Kochergina, Y.V., Andronikov, A. & Kusbach, V., (2022): Decoupling of Mg from Sr-Nd isotopic compositions in Variscan subduction-related plutonic rocks from the Bohemian Massif: implications for mantle enrichment processes and genesis of orogenic ultrapotassic magmatic rocks. International Journal of Earth Sciences 111, 1491-1518.


  • Fossen, H., Meira, V. T., Cavalcante, C., Konopásek, J. & Janoušek, V. (2021): Comment to "Neoproterozoic magmatic arc systems of the central Ribeira belt, SE-Brazil, in the context of the West-Gondwana pre-collisional history: A review". Journal of South American Earth Sciences 107, 103052. 
  • Hora, J.M., Tabaud, A.S., Janoušek, V. & Erban Kochergina, Y.V. (2021): Potassic magmas of the Vosges Mts. (NE France) delimit the areal extent and nature of long-gone Variscan orogenic mantle domains. Lithos  402-403, 106304.  

  • Jacob, J.B., Moyen, J.F., Fiannacca, P., Laurent, O., Bachmann, O., Janoušek, V., Farina, F. & Villaros, A. (2021: Crustal melting vs. fractionation of basaltic magmas: Part 2, Attempting to quantify mantle and crust contributions in granitoids. Lithos  402-403, 106292. 

  • Janoušek, V. & Svojtka, M. (2021): How old is the Třebíč durbachitic Pluton? Reply to Comment on "Ultrapotassic magmatism in the heyday of the Variscan Orogeny: the story of the Třebíč Pluton, the largest durbachitic body in the Bohemian Massif" by Schaltegger et al. International Journal of Earth Sciences 110, 1133-1136.
  • Moyen, J.F., Janoušek, V., Laurent, O., Bachmann, O., Jacob, J.B., Farina, F., Fiannacca, P. & Villaros, A. (2021): Crustal melting vs. fractionation of basaltic magmas: Part 1, Granites and paradigms. Lithos 402-403, 106291.  
  • Soejono, I., Peřestý, V., Schulmann, K., Čopjaková, R., Svojtka, M., Štípská, P., Buriánek, D., Janoušek, V. & Lexa, O., (2021): Structural, metamorphic and geochronological constraints on Palaeozoic multi-stage geodynamic evolution of the Altai accretionary wedge system (Hovd Zone, western Mongolia). Lithos 396-397, 106204.


  • Bonin, B., Janoušek, V. & Moyen, J. F. (2020): Chemical variation, modal composition and classification of granitoids. In: Janoušek, V., Bonin, B., Collins, W. J., Farina, F. & Bowden, P. (eds) Post-Archaean Granitic Rocks: Contrasting Petrogenetic Processes and Tectonic Environments.  Geological Society of London Special Publication491, 9-51.
  • Hanžl, P., Guy, A., Altanbaatar, B., Lexa, O., Schulmann, K., Kunceová, E., Hrdličková, K., Janoušek, V., Buriánek, D., Krejčí, Z., Jiang, Y. D. & Otgonbaatar, D. (2020): Geology of the Gobi and Mongol Altai junction enhanced by gravity analysis: a key for understanding of the Mongolian Altaides. Journal of Maps, 16:  98-108.
  • Janoušek, V., Moyen, J.F.  (2020): Whole-rock geochemical modelling of granite genesis - the current state of the play. In: Janoušek V., Bonin B., Collins W. J., Farina F., Bowden P. (eds) Post-Archaean Granitic Rocks: Contrasting Petrogenetic Processes and Tectonic Environments. Geological Society of London Special Publications  491, 267-291.
  • Janoušek, V., Bonin, B., Collins, W. J., Farina, F. & Bowden, P. (2020): Post-Archaean granitic rocks: contrasting petrogenetic processes and tectonic environments - Introduction. In: Janoušek, V., Bonin, B., Collins, W. J., Farina, F. & Bowden, P. (eds) Post-Archaean Granitic Rocks: Contrasting Petrogenetic Processes and Tectonic Environments.  Geological Society of London Special Publications 491, 1-8.
  • Janoušek, V., Hanžl, P., Svojtka, M., Hora, J.M., Erban Kochergina Y.V., Gadas, P., Holub, F.V., Gerdes, A., Verner, K., Hrdličková, K., Daly, J.S. & Buriánek, D. (2020): Ultrapotassic magmatism in the heyday of the Variscan Orogeny – the story of the Třebíč Pluton, the largest durbachitic body in the Bohemian Massif. International Journal of Earth Sciences109,  1767-1810.
  • Konopásek, J., Cavalcante, C., Fossen, H. & Janoušek, V. (2020) Adamastor - an ocean that never existed? Earth-Science Reviews, 205, 103201.
  • Soejono, I., Machek, M., Sláma, J., Janoušek, V., & Kohút, M. (2020): Cambro-Ordovician anatexis and magmatic recycling at the thinned Gondwana margin: new constraints from the Kouřim Unit, Bohemian Massif. Journal of the Geological Society (London)  177, 325-341.


  • Errandonea-Martin, J., Sarrionandia, F., Janoušek, V., Carracedo-Sánchez, M. & Ibarguchi, J.I.G. (2019): Origin of cordierite-bearing monzogranites from the southern Central Iberian Zone - inferences from the zoned Sierra Bermeja Pluton (Extremadura, Spain).  Lithos 342-343: 440-462.
  • Hanžl, P., Janoušek, V., Soejono, I., Buriánek, D., Svojtka, M., Hrdličková, K., Erban, V. & Pin, C. (2019): The rise of the Brunovistulicum: age, geology, petrology and geochemical character of the Neoproterozoic magmatic rocks of the Central Basic Belt of the Brno Massif.  International Journal of Earth Sciences 108: 1165-1199.
  • Janoušek, V., Holub, F.V., Verner, K., Čopjaková, R., Gerdes, A., Hora, J.M., Košler, J. & Tyrrell, S. (2019):  Two-pyroxene syenitoids from the Moldanubian Zone of the Bohemian Massif: peculiar magmas derived from a strongly enriched lithospheric mantle source.  Lithos 342-343: 239-262.
  • Trubač, J., Janoušek, V., Gerdes, A. (2019): Petrogenesis of fractionated nested granite intrusions: the Sedmihoří Composite Stock (Bohemian Massif). Journal of Geosciences 64: 271–294


  • Janoušek, V., Jiang, Y. D., Buriánek, D., Schulmann, K., Hanžl, P., Soejono, I., Kröner, A., Altanbaatar, B., Erban, V., Lexa, O., Ganchuluun, T., Košler, J. (2018): Cambrian-Ordovician magmatism of the Ikh-Mongol Arc System exemplified by the Khantaishir Magmatic Complex (Lake Zone, south-central Mongolia). Gondwana Research, 54: 122-149.
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  • Soejono, I., Čáp, P., Míková, J., Janoušek, V., Buriánek, D., Schulmann, K. (2018): Early Palaeozoic sedimentary record and provenance of flysch sequences in the Hovd Zone (western Mongolia): Implications for the geodynamic evolution of the Altai accretionary wedge system. Gondwana Research64, 63–183.
  • Tasáryová, Z., Janoušek, V., Frýda, J. (2018) Failed Silurian continental rifting at the NW margin of Gondwana: evidence from basaltic volcanism of the Prague Basin (Teplá–Barrandian Unit, Bohemian Massif).  International Journal of Earth Sciences, 107, 1231-1266.


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prior to 2000

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