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Václav Treml

E-mail: vaclav.treml@natur.cuni.cz
Phone: +420 221 951 985

Office: Albertov 6, no. 211C

Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Vaclav-Treml
Research group GeoBio: www.geobio.cz

Research Interest

I study interactions between forests and climate and consequences of climatic changes on forest productivity using dendrochronological methods. I am interested in treeline ecology and in landscape evolution at longer temporal scales.


Bachelor degree: Human environment, Landscape ecology, Physical geography

Master degree: Environmental geography of Czechia, Landscape planning, Regional biogeography, Dendrochronology, Forest Geography

Selectected publications

Tumajer J., Kašpar J., Kuželová H., Shishov V.V., Tychkov I.I., Popkova M.I., Vaganov E.A., Treml V. 2021. Forward Modeling Reveals Multidecadal Trends in Cambial Kinetics and Phenology at Treeline. Frontiers in Plant Science 12 doi:10.3389/fpls.2021.613643

Šenfeldr, M., Treml, V. 2020. Which generative reproduction characteristics determine successful establishment of the subalpine shrub Pinus mugo?  Journal of Vegetation Science 31:403-415.

Treml V., Hejda T., Kašpar J. 2019. Differences in growth between shrubs and trees: How does the stature of woody plants influence their ability to thrive in cold regions? Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 271:54-63

Tumajer J., Treml. V. 2019. Disentangling the effects of disturbances, climate and tree age on xylem hydraulic conductivity of Betula pendula. Annals of Botany 123:783–792.

Kašpar J., Treml V. 2018. The causes of upper tree limits in the mountain ranges of Central Europe north of the Alps – a stem-growth perspective. Journal of Vegetation Science 29: 1007-1016.

Ponocná T., Chuman T.,Rydval M.,Urban G.,Migala K.,Treml V. 2018. Deviations of treeline Norway spruce radial growth from summer temperatures in East-Central Europe. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 253, p. 62-70.

Tumajer, J., Altman, J., Štěpánek P., Treml V., Doležal J., Ciencala E. 2017.Increasing moisture limitation of Norway spruce in Central Europe revealed by forward modelling of tree growth in tree-ring network. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 247, p. 56-64.

Treml, V., Veblen, T.T. 2017. Does tree growth sensitivity to warming trends vary according to treeline form? Journal of Biogeography 44, p.1469-1480.

Treml, V., Šenfeldr, M., Chuman, T., Ponocná, T., Demková K. 2016. 20th century treeline ecotone advance in the Sudetes Mountains (Central Europe) was induced by agricultural land abandonment rather than climate change. Journal of Vegetation Science 27, p. 1209-1221.

Treml, V., Ponocná, T., King, G., Büntgen, U. 2015. A new tree-ring-based summer temperature reconstruction over the last three centuries for east-central Europe. International Journal of Climatology 35, p. 3160-3171.

Futher publications at Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Vaclav-Treml

Research projects

2018-2021: Delineation of treeline ecotone and the analysis of treeline dynamics in the Krkonoše national park (OP ŽP, KRNAP administration, V. Treml)

2019-2021: Does rising CO2 concentration decrease the sensitivity of European temperate conifers to drought? (GAČR, GA19-13807S, V. Treml)

2021-2024: Tree-ring database as a tool for evidence and prediction of response of main forest species to climate change (TAČR SS0310134, Prostředí pro život, V. Treml)

2021-2026: Center for landscape and biodiversity (DivLand) (TAČR SS02030018, Prostředí pro život, D. Romportl, J. Frouz, V. Treml, 2021-2026)


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