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Recent dynamics of the Earth

Identification data, head of the project

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Basic Research Centres No. LC506, time of solution 2005-2011, head of the project Jan Kostelecký (cooperator in the Faculty of Science Jan Kalvoda)

Project annotation

The topic and aims of the project originate in the common object of research - the planet Earth, its size and motion in space. The center will form an official frame for continuation of cooperation within the Center of Earth's Dynamic Research that started 5 years ago. The center will create real chances for young talented students to get involved in national and international research programs. The research center will investigate phenomena that are related to Earth's dynamics. Among other topics, Earth's rotation and dynamics in space as well as recent movements and plate tectonics will be studied. The research will also cover temporal variations of the Earth's gravity field. Finalization of the project consists interpretation of the obtained data, determination of the new precession model, creation of the geodynamical model of the Bohemian massif etc.

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