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Lectures and seminars

Bachelor Studies:

  • Hydrology
  • Geoinformatics in physical geography

Master Studies:

  • Applied geoinformatics in physical geography

  • Surface water quality

  • Floods in landscape

  • Freshwater ecology

Postgraduate Supervision:

  • Dubová Zita (Application of 2-D hydraulic modeling for reconstruction of past floods)

  • Fárek Vladimír (Modelling of surface runoff dynamics using GIS) 

  • Chekijian Anie  (The adaptability of the EU Water management system to the case of Lebanon)

  • Kaplická Markéta  (Surface runoff modeling in rural landscape)

  • Macháčková Karolína  (Analysis of landcover changes in floodplains after extreme floods by means of Remote sensing)

  • Rödlová Sylva (Effect of wastewater treatment on changes of water quality in small catchments)

  • Sitař Jan  (Hydraulic modeling of effect of floodplain modifications on the flood characteristics)

  • Šrejber Jan  (Application of neural networks in hydrological forecasting)

  • Vajskebr Václav  (Impact of physiographic conditions on the runoff variability in Jizerske mountains)

  • Vlnas Radek  (Development of tools for hydrological balance modelling)

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