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Zbyněk Engel, PhD

Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology
Albertov 6, 128 43 Praha 2, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 221 951 373
E-mail: engel@natur.cuni.cz

Laboratory: Albertov 6, basement, No. S17A

Lectures and seminars

  • Dynamic Geomorphology
  • Geomorphology
  • Mathematical Geography
  • Methods in Geomorphology
  • Methods in Physical Geography
  • Mountain Environment
  • Periglacial and glacial geomorphology
  • Physical Geography of Asia

Selected Publications

Engel Z., Kropáček J., Smolíková J. 2019. Surface elevation changes on Lachman Crags ice caps (north-eastern Antarctic Peninsula) since 1979 indicated by DEMs and ICESat data. Journal of Glaciology, in press.

Engel Z., Láska K., Nývlt D., Stachoň Z. 2018. Surface mass balance of small glaciers on James Ross Island, north-eastern Antarctic Peninsula, during 2009–2015. Journal of Glaciology 64(245), 349-361.

Engel Z., Mentlík P., Braucher R., Minár J., Laetitia L., AsterTeam. 2015. Geomorphological evidence and 10Be exposure ages for the Last Glacial Maximum and deglaciation of the Velká and Malá Studená dolina valleys in the High Tatra Mountains, central Europe. Quaternary Science Reviews 124, 106-123.

Engel Z., Braucher R., Traczyk A., Laetitia L., ASTER team. 2014. 10Be exposure age chronology of the last glaciation in the Krkonoše Mountains, Central Europe. Geomorphology 206, 107-121.

Engel Z., Skrzypek G., Chuman T., Šefrna L., Mihaljevič M. 2014. Climate in the Western Cordillera of the Central Andes over the last 4300 years. Quaternary Science Reviews 99, 60-77.

Engel Z., Nývlt D., Láska K. 2012. Ice thickness, areal and volumetric changes of Davies Dome and Whisky Glacier (James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula) in 1979-2006. Journal of Glaciology 58 (211), 904-914.

Skrzypek G., Engel Z., Chuman T., Šefrna L. 2011. Distichia peat - A new stable isotope paleoclimate proxy for the Andes. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 307 (3-4), 298-308.

Engel Z., Nývlt D., Křížek M., Treml V., Jankovská V., Lisá L. 2010. Sedimentary evidence of landscape and climate history since the end of MIS 3 in the Krkonoše Mountains, Czech Republic. Quaternary Science Reviews 29 (7-8), 913-927.

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