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RNDr. Olga Kudrnovská, CSc.


RNDr. Olga Kudrnovská, CSc. was born on May 30th, 1917 in Prague in Smíchov to the family of a high school professor of Latin and Czech, author of Latin textbooks, and founder and director of the  Drtin High School in Smíchov. Since Olga exhibited artistic talent, she was introduced by her mother to  Julius Zeyer and decided to study art education combined with geography at the University of Technology and Charles University. Since the Nazis closed Czech universities in 1939, she was not able to fully complete her studies until 1946. During the war she entered into the Fine Artists‘ Syndicate and completed a course qualifying her to teach at national schools and high schools.

She obtained her doctorate in natural science in 1949 based on her dissertation work Kartometrické stanovení krajinných typů Československa, which she defended under Professor  Šalamon. In 1946 she became an assistant at the second department of the CU Geographic Institute, where she was forced to leave for political reasons in 1950. She then worked externally for the State Map Collection and after becoming a member of ČSAV worked first at the ČSAV Cartography Department and then at the Cartography Department of the ČSAV Geographic Institute, where she stayed until her retirement in 1975. She also continued to work with the CU Faculty of Science, where she lectured, read undergraduate and doctoral theses, and with R. Čapek published a university textbook titled Kartometrie (1979). She died on March 13th, 2003.


From the celebration of the 50th birthday of prof. Karel Kuchař
(Source: private archives doc. RNDr. Richard Capek, PhD.)


Scientific and publishing activity

Professionally, Olga Kudrnovská was primarily focused on cartometry and morphometry (Morfometrické metody a jejich aplikace ve fyzicko-geografické regionalizaci, Brno, 1975), but also was devoted to the history of cartography, the work of Karel Kořistka (První české výškopisné mapy Karla Kořistky, Prague, 1974) and military-geographic descriptions of Josephine mapping (Josefské mapování českých zemí a jeho topografický popis, Prague, 1985). She was a member of the Czechoslovak Cartography Committee and the commission of the International Cartography Association. She also served on the editorial boards of Kartografický přehled and Zprávy Geografického ústavu ČSAV.



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