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Doc. RNDr. Ludvík Mucha, CSc.


Doc. Ludvík Mucha

Doc. RNDr. Ludvík Mucha, CSc. was born on June 29th, 1927 in the now defunct town of Ervěnice u Mostu. He studied at preparatory high schools in Ivančice and Prague. From 1946 to 1950 he graduated from the Charles University Faculty of Science in the field of geography and history, where the best students studied under Professor Kuchař. In the 1950-1951 school year he taught at the high school in Horní Jiřetín, and then became the technical map editor for Orbis in Prague.

He joined the CU Faculty of Science as an assistant in 1952 and lectured here until his retirement in 1993, although he continued to work longer as an externalist. He received his doctorate of natural science in 1969, candidate of science three years later, and became an associate professor of cartography in 1983. Ludvík Mucha died in Třebotov following a severe illness in 2012. He is buried along with his wife in Jenišovice.

Scientific and publishing activity

Ludvík Mucha was an active member of the editorial boards of numerous professional journals, e.g. Acta Universitatis Carolinae: Geographica, Sborník české geografické společnosti, Lidé a země, Acta onomastika, and others. He primarily concentrated on the history of Czech cartography. He published work on the cartography of Václav Merklas, Josef Brunclík, Jan Felkl, František Kreibich and Blažej Kozenn.  Also important are his studies of Czech maps, globes and atlases of the 19th century. He was among the founding members of the Czechoslovak National Cartography Commission and was one of the initiators of the History of Geodesy and Cartography symposia held at the National Technical Museum in Prague. He was very interested in vexillology, and even founded the Vexillology Club by OKD Prague 3 in 1972, from which the Czech Vexillology Society arose later. In addition, Mucha was an avid philatelist and together with Bohuslav Hlinka published the Atlas známkových zemí.  He was also interested in gnomonics, i.e. the study of sundials, a list of which he began in the ‘80s.


Thanks to the licensing agreement with his copyright heirs, the Map Collection can make the full  texts of  doc. Ludvík Mucha available on http://www.mapovasbirka.cz/mucha/.



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Prominent Czech historical cartographers Ludvík Mucha (left) and Karel Kuchař (right)



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