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Digital repository


The Digital University Repository provides access to digitized maps from the Map Collection, thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the CR via the NAKI program of the TEMAP project

Prof. Günter Schilder, distinguished cartography historian and founder of the Explokart project had the following to say about the digital repository of the CU FS Map Collection:

"I looked through the Map Collection digital catalog and was impressed by the wealth and diversity of collections. In most cases it was also very useful to look at an image of map which you have within reach. Congratulations for already getting this far in improving the accessibility of the collection. In my opinion, you’re one of the European pioneers in this area!“


Digitized maps collection

  • The digital collection comprising 68,227 digitized maps made up of 31,673 digital objects (as ofFebruary 10th, 2016) is available 24 hrs a day. 
  • Maps are available in JPEG 2000 format with a resolution of 300 DPI under the FULLTEXT icon.
  • Images can be zoomed.
  • Presently 91 atlases: 67 publisher atlases and 24 collectors’ atlases have been digitized.
  • The descriptive metadata can be searched through two interfaces, one simple and one more advanced which uses the following fields: name, author (inverted), secondary author, subject keyword, publisher, year published, genre/form and language.
  • You can also just browse through the records and view metadata in three formats.
  • Help is upper right under the question mark.
  • The system can be accessed in Czech and English.


Access the Digital University Repository at http://repositar.cuni.cz


Since April 2016 it is possible to use geographic search for finding digitized maps. Thanks to location of bounding box everyone can find a map of interested location. It is also possible to search by date of publish on timeline. Use http://mapy.repozitar.cuni.cz/index_eng.html for english version.

Geographic search in university repository


The Map Collection also provides access to digital globes in 2D and 3D formats on the map portal http://www.mapovasbirka.cz/


MF. [Plasy] [manuscript]. 1647. Map detail. (Source: Map Collection)



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