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General information about obtaining documents

Documents may be obtained at the Geographical Library in three ways: purchases, gifts and exchanges with other universities.


When buying books with public funding such as a grant or through a research project, the books become the property of Charles University, see the Grant Rules of Charles University, art. 6 par. 10. Books purchased with geography department grants belong to the Geographical Library. Individuals can purchase documents themselves or they may use services of the Geographical Library. Foreign books can be ordered from our suppliers: Starman Bohemia, INTES. After purchasing books with public funding, it is necessary to enter them into the records of the Geographical Library, see the Records tab.

In addition to research projects and grants for employees of the CU FNS geography department, books are also purchased using the library’s own resources.


The library also obtains documents in the form of gifts, which comprise a considerable portion of the
library’s collection. Donors include teachers, students and institutions.


Books are acquired through exchange for the journal Acta Universitatis Carolinae – Geographica, especially exchange with foreign universities.

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