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Interlibrary loan services

Information about ILL and IILL

In the event that a document (book, journal article etc.) which the user needs to borrow is not in the collection of the Geographical Library or in the collection of another Charles University library, it is possible to borrow it through the interlibrary loan system. If any library in the Czech Republic has the document in its collection, it will lend it to the Geographical Library for a limited time (approximately 1 month). Documents loaned through the interlibrary loan service must be handled with care and returned in the same condition theywere received by the reader.

If the document is not in any library in the Czech Republic, it is possible to use the  international interlibrary loan service and borrow a document from abroad. The Geographical Library will submit the request for the desired document through the Czech National Library – after the request has been processed, the reader will have access to the document at the reading room of the Geographical Library. The fee for international book loans ranges between 250-450 CZK (depending on the country from which the book is loaned, see the price list of the Czech National Library), it usually takes 1 -2 months to process a request.

When submitting ILL and IILL requests it is important to cite the desired document as accurately as possible! (state the author, title, publisher, ISBN,...)

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