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Složka pro aktuality, upozornění a události
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Mikuláš Klaudyán: první mapa Čech 1518
Opening hours for the examination period
Exhibition Mikuláš Klaudyán: first map of Bohemia 1518
Geographical Institute of the Faculty of Science of Charles University, Geographical Library and Map Collection have the honor to invite you to the exhibition Mikuláš Kladyán: the first map of Bohemia 1518 ((Mikuláš Klaudyán: první mapa Čech 1518).
Exhibition Mikuláš Klaudyán: first map of Bohemia 1518 inaugurated
The geography library successfully imported 25,308 files into the ANL database.
Summer Opening Hours of Geography Libraries 2018
Library closed
5. - 6. 7. 2018
Opening hours Geographical library
Monday September 3. 2018.
Library closed
28. 9. 2018
Extended opening hours - from October 1st
New color printer in the Geography library
The Geographical Library closed for Christmas (20th December - 1st January)
The Geographical Library will be closed for Christmas.
Opening hours for the examination period
PhDr. Mgr. Eva Novotná presented a paper on Mikuláš Klaudyán
In January a lecture was held by Mikuláš Klaudyán: the first map of Bohemia 1518
Klaudyan map of Bohemia in Studio 6
Presentation PhDr. E. Novotná and Ing. M. Čábelka in Studio 6
Klaudyan map of Bohemia in Science 24
On Sunday, November 25, 2018, Czech Television, Science 24, talked, among other things, about the Klaudyan map of Bohemia
Photos from georeferencing old maps
In Geography Days, the georeferencing of old maps took place in the library
Reportage about the Map collection in ČT 2
Old movies on map and globe production
Opening hours during summer semester
Extended opening hours from 18th February.
Availability of Cambridge Core eBooks Collection
For 6 months, Charles University has an e-book collection of over 3,000 titles from all disciplines
Exhibition Mikuláš Klaudyán- první mapa Čech in Teplice
The Library of Geography lent the exhibition Mikuláš Klaudyán - the first map of Bohemia for installation in the Gymnasium Teplice until May 31, 2019.
The Vltava Islands exhibition can be seen in Strakonice
The Geography Library lent the Vltava Islands exhibition for installation in the Šmidinger Library
Closed on Easter
The library is closed on Fridays - and Mondays 19. 4. - 22. 4. 2019!
Closing the Geography Library during Public Holidays
Exhibition invitation
Cartography in Times between Hermitages and a Horsecar
Opening hours for the examination period
Summer Opening Hours of Geography Libraries 2019
Closing Day - 28th of October
Book orders
Opening hours in December 2019
Information about shortened opening hours in December 2019
Opening Hours during Exam Season
The library will be be closing earlier on Thursdays from Jan 13th to Feb 14th.
Library is closed
The Library of Geography is going to be closed, starting on Wednesday 11th March. Faculty employees, as well as students currently writing their bachelor or diploma thesis, can request to borrow books by e-mailing the staff of the library.
Library Reopened: Current Rules for Visitors
The library was reopened to the public from Monday, 4th of May, but still operates in a limited mode that meets the requirements of emergency measures. Conditions for visiting the library can be found below.
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Exhibition Map of Kingdom of Bohemia, 1720
Exhibition Map of Kingdom of Bohemia, 1720 (Mapa Království českého, 1720) is currently installed in front of the Library of Geography. The installation has been prolonged until June 18th, 2020.
Summer Opening Hours
The library has special opening hours during the summer.
September Opening Hours
Details on opening hours during the September exam period can be found in the article
New measures of the Ministry of Health
According to the new measures of the Ministry of Health of the Czech republic, it is obligatory to wear a mask in the library and inside the building of the Faculty of Science.
Opening Hours from September 23rd
Due to the current epidemiological situation the opening hours of the Geographical Library will be changed. More information in the article.
Exhibition "Institute of Geography 1920-1940: they were the first"
We invite you to an exhibition dealing with the beginnings of geography at the Faculty of Science, which takes place in the building of the Faculty of Science, Charles University, Albertov 6, in the foyer of the Map Collection. See the article for more information.
National holiday - September 28th
Due to the national holiday, the library will be closed on Monday, September 28th.
Renovation of the large Müller map of the Kingdom of Bohemia completed
It took almost a year to renovate a large map of the Kingdom of Bohemia by Johann Christoph Müller at the Faculty of Science, Charles University at Albertov. The map has become an essential part of the local interior. Now, you can see the map, as well as the exhibition and the video.
List of Vedute Created Before 1850: Map Collection of the Faculty of Science, Charles University
The collective work of the employees of the Map Collection of the Faculty of Science of Charles University and the Department of Archival Administration and File Services of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic was published in the edition "List of Vedute Created Before 1850" by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.
Soupis vedut vzniklych do 1850_mapova sbirka_1.jpg
Limited Operation of the Geographical Library
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the study rooms are closed with effect from today until further notice. From 19.10.2020 the Library will be opened only three days a week - Mon, Wed, Fri 9: 00 - 12:00.
The Geographical Library is closed!
Due to the government resolution of 21 October 2020 in connection with COVID-19, it was decided that the Geographical Library would be closed from 21 October 2020 until further notice.
Closed-covid 19.JPG
Free access to the National Library and the Moravian Library's digital archives
Since 2nd November The National Library and the Moravian Library are allowing free access to their digital archives. More than 215,000 titles of monographs and periodicals (which is almost 64 million pages) will be temporarily freely available.
Current functioning of the library
Although The Geographical Library is closed, contactless lending and returning documents in restricted mode is still possible! Loans will be extended until 1.3.2021.
knihovna geografie_napis_obrazek.JPG
The Geographical Library on 16 and 17 November 2020
On November 16th (based on the decision of the Rectorate of Charles University) and November 17th 2020 (the national holiday of the Czech Republic), the library is completely closed and does not provide its services even in a limited mode (preparation of loans, etc.).
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"See the Future” Conference - November 17th and 18th, 2020
Enago's "See the Future" online conference on "The Future of Research and Higher Education" will take place on November 17th and 18th. Among the speakers will be, for example, the Nobel Laureate in Medicine or top management figures from the world's largest STM publishing (Elsevier, Wiley, American Chemical Society) including a leading publisher of open access titles (Hindawi).
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