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Selected publications in English

Full list and pdf versions available here: https://urrlab.cz/en/member/martin-ourednicek/

OUŘEDNÍČEK, M., NEMEŠKAL, J., ŠPAČKOVÁ, P., HAMPL, M., NOVÁK, J. (2018): A synthetic approach to the delimitation of the Prague Metropolitan Area. Journal of Maps, 14 (1): 26-33.

OUŘEDNÍČEK, M., ŠPAČKOVÁ, P., POSPÍŠILOVÁ, L. (2018): Long-term Development and Current Socio-Spatial Differentiation of Housing Estates in Prague, Czechia. In: Hess, D., Tammaru, T., van Ham, M. (eds.): Housing Estates in Europe: Poverty, Ethnic Segregation and Policy Challenges. Springer, Cham, pp. 339-359.

OUŘEDNÍČEK, M., JÍCHOVÁ, J., POSPÍŠILOVÁ, L. eds. (2017): Historical Population Atlas of the Czech Lands. Karolinum, Praha, 136 pp.

OUŘEDNÍČEK, M., POSPÍŠILOVÁ, L. (2016): Editorial: Urban Dynamics and Neighbourhood Change in Cities after TransitionCzech Sociological Review, 52 (6): 787-794.

FRANTÁL, B., MALÝ J., OUŘEDNÍČEK M., NEMEŠKAL, J. (2016): Distance matters. Assessing socioeconomic impacts of the Dukovany nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic: Local perceptions and statistical evidence. Moravian Geographical Reports, 24 (1): 2–13.

OUŘEDNÍČEK, M. (2016): The relevance of “Western” theoretical concepts for investigations of the margins of post-socialist cities: the case of Prague. Eurasian Geography and Economics, 57 (4-5): 545–564. 

ŠPAČKOVÁ, P., POSPÍŠILOVÁ, L., OUŘEDNÍČEK, M. (2016): The Long-term Development of Socio-spatial Differentiation in Socialist and Post-socialist Prague. Czech Sociological Review, 52 (6): 821-860.

KUPKOVÁ, L., OUŘEDNÍČEK, M., POSPÍŠILOVÁ, L., SVOBODA, P., SOUKUP, M. (2015): Disclosure of Historical Spatial and Statistical Data of Districts in Czechia in a GIS Environment. Acta Universitatis Carolinae Geographica, 55 (2): 139−151.

OUŘEDNÍČEK, M., ŠIMON, M., KOPEČNÁ, M. (2015): The reurbanisation concept and its utility for contemporary research on post-socialist cities: The case of the Czech Republic. Moravian Geographical Reports, 23 (4): 25-35.

OUŘEDNÍČEK, M., POSPÍŠILOVÁ, L., ŠPAČKOVÁ, P., KOPECKÁ, Z., NOVÁK, J. (2015): The Velvet and Mild: Socio-spatial differentiation in Prague after transition. In: Tammaru, T., Marcińczak, S., van Ham, M., Musterd, S. eds.: Socio-Economic Segregation in European Capital Cities: East Meets West. Routledge, pp. 261-286.

ŠPAČKOVÁ, P., OUŘEDNÍČEK, M. (2012): Spinning the Web: New Social Contacts of Prague's Suburbanites. Cities, 29 (5): 341-345.

TEMELOVÁ, J.; NOVÁK, J.; OUŘEDNÍČEK, M.; PULDOVÁ, P. (2011): Housing Estates after Socialism: Various Trajectories and Inner Differentiation. Urban Studies, 48 (9): 1811-1834.

OUŘEDNÍČEK, M., TEMELOVÁ, J. (2009): Twenty years after socialism: the transformation of Prague´s inner structure. Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, Sociologia, 54 (1): 9-30. 

OUŘEDNÍČEK, M. (2007): Differential Suburban Development in the Prague Urban Region. Geografiska Annaler: Human Geography, 89B (2): 111 - 125. 

SÝKORA, L., OUŘEDNÍČEK, M. (2007): Sprawling post-communist metropolis: commercial and residential suburbanisation in Prague and Brno, the Czech Republic In: Razin, E., Dijst, M., Vázquez, C. (eds.): Employment Deconcentration in European Metropolitan Areas: Market Forces versus Planning Regulations. Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 209-233.

OUŘEDNÍČEK, M. (2006): New spatial patterns of suburban housing in Prague urban regionActa Geographica Universitatis Comenianae, 48: 293-302.

OUŘEDNÍČEK, M. (2005): New Suburban Development in the Post-socialist City: the Case of Prague. In: Eckardt, F. ed.: Paths of Urban Transformation. Peter Lang, pp. 143-156.

OUŘEDNÍČEK, M. (1997): The Development of the Educational Structure of Prague. Acta Universitatis Carolinae Geographica, Supplementum, pp. 227-233. 


Selected maps on www.atlasobyvatelstva.cz (some of them with English translations)

27. 11. 2021

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