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Internationalisation of Geographical Institute and 4EU+ plans and aspirations

Despite the internationalisation and mobility challenges amplified by the pandemic, the 4EU+ Alliance has put effort into finding solutions and strengthening the cooperation between the partner universities. In the following, you can read more about the recent developments, plans and news.

Geographical Institute

With the first and second call for projects, the Geographical Institute became richer in four international projects, both as a project leader and partner (Table 1).


Table 1.  Successful projects from the Geographical Institute (1st and 2nd call)


1st call

2nd call

CU as project leader

1. Resilient Cities: challenges, risks and response, Flagship 1


2. Extension of competences and knowledge-based education of natural hazards and environmental, Flagship 4


CU as a project partner

1. Urban Health Case Challenge, Project leader: University of Copenhagen, Flagship 1

1. Urban Regulations and Political Memory: Towards understanding Spatial-Temporal aspects of Urban Development, Project leader: University of Warsaw, Flagship 1


2. Urban Health Case Challenge, Project leader: Heidelberg University, Flagship 1


According to the Strategic Plan (2021-2025) of Charles University, the 4EU+ Alliance plays a crucial role in the internationalisation strategy. The Strategic Plan with regards to internationalisation mainly includes, but by no means limited to, enhanced international mobility and cooperation and automatic recognition of education obtained at a partner university.

Moreover, since September 2021, the 4EU+ initiated the discussion among the six partners on developing a 4EU+ Strategy for the next five years. The main goal of the Strategy is the sustainability of the 4EU+ Alliance.


4EU+ Alliance has received a few applications from other universities from the EU countries to become a member of the 4EU+ Alliance. This event initiated the preparation of an Enlargement Policy, which would reconsider the goals of the Alliance and future perspectives of possible enlargement.

Funding opportunities

Charles University offers Mini-grants to support educational and research cooperation projects within the 4EU+ Alliance. The deadline for applications is the 27th of February. The goal of the mini-grants is to support new activities within new and already existing 4EU+ projects.

Student involvement

Students are highly encouraged to participate in 4EU+ educational projects and, at the same time, invited to deepen their participation in other 4EU+ activities. One of the opportunities is to join the 4EU+ student network at CU, which is in the process of establishment. Students interested in joining the 4EU+ student network at CU are invited to express their interest by emailing the student representatives at 4euplusstudents@cuni.cz.

European University Community is a grassroots initiative of students from European University Alliances. This initiative aims at ensuring the representation of students in the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Published: Dec 21, 2021 05:00 PM

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