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Geographers have their own 4EU+ ambassador

Our geography PhD student, Adam Martinek, is one of the three nominated 4EU+ ambassadors from Charles University.

During this academic year, the 4EU+ European University Alliance is piloting a brand-new ambassador program. Several students from each university have been selected to function as a bridge between the different universities, their students, and academics. One of the three ambassadors chosen from Charles University is Adam Martinek, a Ph. D. student from the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development. We have asked Adam to introduce himself in his own words and give us some details about his new role:

“For me, studying geography at Charles University is deeply linked with the 4EU+ alliance. While I was still getting my master’s degree, I was able to attend three amazing international courses – the Urban Health Case Challenge, UNREAD, and Resilient Cities – all co-organized by our Department of Social Geography and Regional Development and its partners abroad. Since then, I have taken part in many different opportunities offered by 4EU+, and all of them have helped me grow both academically and as a person.

The reason why I wanted to become an ambassador was to give back to the community. While the alliance is quite well known among geographers, most students at our university still have no idea how much they can learn and accomplish through participating in alliance courses, international mobilities, and so on.

While I am still getting myself oriented in my role, my two main wishes are 1) that I reach out to as many students as possible and help them discover the amazing opportunities that await them and 2) that I get my own international project off the ground and spread it throughout our partner universities. But more on that soon – I hope.”- Adam Martinek.






Published: May 01, 2024 06:00 PM

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