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4EU+ news: Flagship 1 updates, Compatibility of Curricula, funding opportunities, and more

In this post, you can read more about the 4EU+ news relevant to the Geographical Institute.

Ongoing Developments within the 4EU+ Alliance

The 4EU+ Alliance continues to advance its strategic initiatives for 2025-2035, focusing on key domains such as education, research, innovation, and global outreach.

Noteworthy is the forthcoming Annual Meeting scheduled in Warsaw from September 25-27, 2024. This year's Annual Meeting promises broader involvement of Flagships, featuring plenary sessions, Flagship-specific meetings, and a Cross-Flagship Meeting to foster collaboration and synergy across domains. Discussions will encompass diverse themes, including the role of digital Flagships, with plans to explore innovative presentation formats for showcasing achievements.


Activities in Flagship 1

Flagship 1 has been active, hosting its Programme Committee Meeting in Prague earlier this year. Among the topics discussed were the presentation of achievements, support for inter/cross-Flagships activities, and the emphasis on sustaining learning pathways.

A stronger research perspective has emerged within Flagship 1, focusing on Global Urban Health. Collaborative discussions have been underway to delineate research topics and agenda items.

Flagship 1 has also organised educational initiatives, including a PhD workshop in Milan ("Multidisciplinary perspectives on disability: towards an inclusive European society"; the call will be published soon on the official 4EU+ website).

Ongoing educational project (projects in which GI is participating in bold fonts):

  • The development of the European Master's program in epilepsy - Premysl Jiruska (CU) - CU, SU, UW, UniMi, UNIGE (TBC);
  • Resilient Cities: challenges, risks and response - Ludek Sykora (CU) - CU, SU, UHD;
  • Perineal Trauma Prevention, Evaluation, Education, Repair and Scanning Blended Learning (PEERS+) - Khaled Ismail (CU) - CU, SU, UNIMI;
  • Comprehensive and integrative educational program in oncology - Ahmed Idbaih (SU) - CU, SU, UniMi, UW;
  • 4EU+ Urban Health Case Challenge (UHCC) - All 4EU+ partners, UNIGE and PPA (TBC);
  • Development of an integrated 4EU+ Pharmacoepidemiology educational program – Julien Kirchgesner (SU) - SU, UCPH, UniMi, UHD (CU, UW, UniGe TBC);
  • Understanding and Supporting Caregiver-Child Interactions - Sabina Pauen (UHD) - UHD, UCPH, UMI, UW;
  • Urban Regulations and Political Memory: Towards understanding Spatio-Temporal aspects of Urban Development - Karolina Wojciechowska (UW) - SU, CU, UniMi, UW, UHD.

Noteworthy is the upcoming UHCC Urban Health Case Challenge slated for Prague in the next academic year.


Compatibility of Curricula – 4EU+ Exchange in Geography

The following academic year, the Geographical Institute will join the Compatibility of Curricula project, the 4EU+ Exchange in Geography, which offers an international 4EU+ semester to masters' students at one of the partner universities (University of Warsaw, Heidelberg University, University of Copenhagen, Sorbonne Paris, or University of Milan) for the Fall Semester 2024/25.

The Geographical Institute offers two modules:

Module 1: Physical Geography: Hydrological and meteorological hazards (Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology)

Module 2: Advanced GIS and remote sensing applications (Department of Applied Geoinformatics and Cartography)


Funding Opportunities and Networking

The Alliance and its Flagships offer various funding opportunities, including Visiting Professorships and the forthcoming Seed4EU+ call (which will be opened in June/July). With a dedicated Grant support service and an annual budget allocation for Flagship 1, researchers and scholars are encouraged to explore these possibilities for collaboration and innovation.

Opportunities for networking and discussion abound, with the Annual Meeting serving as a prime platform for engagement. The Flagship 1 meeting on September 25 will delve into strategies for promoting research and seed projects while exploring new collaboration opportunities.


As the 4EU+ Alliance progresses, it remains committed to fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence across its member institutions, paving the way for impactful contributions in education, research, and global outreach.

Follow the 4EU+:

Calls & Grants - https://4euplus.eu/4EU-744.html

Opportunities & events - https://4euplus.eu/4EU-484.html

News - https://4euplus.eu/4EU-491.html

Published: Apr 29, 2024 10:00 AM

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