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Mezinárodní vědecká konference "Applied geography in theory and practice"

Department of Geography, Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb is organizing international scientific conference "APPLIED GEOGRAPHY IN THEORY AND PRACTICE" on November 5 - 6, 2010 in Zagreb, Croatia. The goal of the conference is to provide a forum for an exchange of experiences and discussions of potentials of geography in solving the problems of spatial, social and economic development, including the study of human influence in shaping the environment. Contributions from different theoretical and disciplinary discourses that discuss the real or potential opportunities for applying geographical theories and methods in solving society's problems and challenges are expected.

- Relation between theory and practice in geography (fundamental and applied research)
- Applied physical geography and geoecological analyses
- Protection and management of natural resources
- Natural risk management
- Spatial social and economic analysis
- Regional and spatial planning
- Valorisation and protection of cultural landscapes
- Spatial perception and imagination-its use in political, social and economical strategies
- Applied GIS and other geo-information technologies
- Geographic curriculum and applied geography

Keynote lectures will include presentations by Prof. Antoine Bailly and Prof. Michael Pacione.

We would like to invite you to participate in this conference. Deadline for abstract submission is May 5, 2010.


Abstracts, application forms and technical questions to:

Laura Šakaja, Lsakaja@geog.pmf.hr, conference coordinator
Aleksandar Lukić, alukic@geog.pmf.hr, secretary

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Publikováno: Pondělí 15.02.2010 12:55

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