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doc. RNDr. Pavel Chromý, Ph.D.

Albertov 6, 128 43 Praha 2
Tel.: 221 951 425

Mail: chromy@natur.cuni.cz




Vědecko výzkumné zaměření

Historická a kulturní geografie, „nová“ regionální geografie (formování regionů a regionálních identit); výzkum historickogeografických a kulturněgeografických aspektů vývoje specifických regionů (pohraničních, periferních, marginálních a kulturních oblastí) a vývoje interakce společnosti a přírody v 19. a 20. století (zejména dlouhodobých změn ve využití ploch); environmentální dějiny; geografické vzdělávání.

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proděkan pro studijní záležitosti Přírodovědecké fakulty UK (od 1. 12. 2016)

člen Vědecké rady geografické sekce Přírodovědecké fakulty UK (od 12. 1. 2017)

člen Vědecké rady Ostravské univerzity (od 1. 5. 2017)

člen Vědecké rady Pedagogické fakulty Jihočeské univerzity v Českých Budějovicích (od 2015)

člen Vědecké rady Přírodovědecké fakulty UJEP v Ústí nad Labem (od 2015)


prezident České geografické společnosti (od 5. 9. 2018)

člen redakční rady časopisu:

Journal of Historical Geography (https://www.journals.elsevier.com/journal-of-historical-geography/)

Moravian Geographical Reports (https://www.degruyter.com/view/j/mgr)

AUC Geographica (http://www.aucgeographica.cz)

Historická geografie, Folia Geographica, Mladá veda


Pavel Chromý is an assoc. professor at the Charles University, Faculty of Science, Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, The Research Centre for Cultural and Historical Geography (head), Prague, Czechia. His research focuses on issues of historical, cultural and regional geography, and environmental history. He studies the processes of formation of regions and territorial identities, particularly in relation to the development of specific areas (e.g. borderland, peripheral, rural and cultural areas) and landscape changes during the 19th and 20th centuries. Significant part of his professional interest is thus formed by the discussion of the significance of relict borders, symbolism of places and regions, landscape memory, natural and cultural heritage, and by its relations to regional development. He is a regional representative of Czechia and Slovakia within the European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) and serves as the chair of Section for Historical Geography and Environmental History of the Czech Geographical Society. He is a member of Regional Studies Association, and the editorial boards of several international journals including the Journal of Historical Geography and Moravian Geographical Reports.







Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Mgr. Pavel Chromý, Ph.D.

Charles University, Faculty of Science, Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, Albertov 6, 128 43 Prague 2, Czechia

e-mail: chromy@natur.cuni.cz

Vice-Dean for Study Affairs

President of the Czech Geographical Society


Personal and educational background: born on January 29, 1972

Formal education:

1996–2004: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, Regional and Political Geography;

dissertation entitled "Historical and Cultural Geography and New Approaches in Regional Studies": Ph.D., RNDr.

1990–1996: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, History and Geography, (master thesis – Faculty of Arts, Institute of Economic and Social History); Mgr./MSc.

1986–1990: Gymnasium, Moravské Budějovice

Employment History:

2013– Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, Assoc. Prof.

2002–2013: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, Assistant Prof.

2000–2002: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, researcher

1998–2004: Geografické rozhledy [Geographical View], executive editor

Teaching and Research Fields:

Historical and Cultural Geography, Regional Geography, Theoretical Geography, Environmental History, Geographical Education. Historical-geographical aspects of the development of specific regions (border, peripheral, marginal and cultural), the development of the society–nature interactions during the 19th and 20th centuries (land use, land cover, landscape heritage), and the process of institutionalization of regions in Czechia (region and regional identity).

Supervisor of more than 15 PhD dissertations (12 finished), and more than 56 masters theses.

2010–2011      coordinator of the STARS program (Supporting Talented PhD Research Students)

since 2008      member of PhD Programme Boards: General Issues in Geography, Regional and Political Geography, Social Geography and Regional Development


Research Projects:

GAČR (Czech Science Foundation):

Historical Geography Research Centre (P410/12/G113, 2012–2018)

Formation of spatial identities in areas with intensively changed landscape: the case of North-Western Bohemia (P404/12/1112, 2012–2014); principal investigator

Driving Forces of Institutionalization of Regions: Regional Identity and Identity of Regions in Czechia in the Period of its Integration into the Europe of Regions (205/06/P386, 2006–2008); principal investigator

GA AV (Grant Agency of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic):

Land Use of Model Regions in the Context of Social Metabolism of Czechoslovakia (KJB301110705, 2007–2008); principal investigator

GAUK (Grant Agency of the Charles University):

Geographical Differentiation of Regional Identity of the Population of Czechia (278/2005/B-GEO/PrF, 2005–2006)

Methodological Approaches in Geographical Research of Cultural Regions in Czechia (215/2002/B-GEO/PrF, 2002–2003); principal investigator

He has participated in more than 10 grant projects in the field of basic and applied research (GACR, MMR, MZV, EU-JPD3, GAUK) – research on long-term land use changes (Bičík et al.), spatial polarisation (Jančák et al.), borderlands (Jeřábek et al.) and research project/s of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Training that have been carried out by the Geographical Section of the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague.

Publishing (1997–2016):

As author or co-author, he has published 3 monographs, 12 chapters in monographs, 25 scientific articles in international scientific reviewed journals; 9 in Czech reviewed journals, 4 atlases, approximately 50 largely survey articles, and participated in editing 3 memorial volumes. He has more than 650 recorded citations of his works; Web of Science has registered 11 of his publications; WoS citing articles: 71, H-index (WoS): 6; SCOPUS has registered 25 publications, SCOPUS citing articles: 171, H-index (SCOPUS): 8; Google Scholar has registred 693 citations (H-index 15).

Professional activities:

Member of the editorial board:

2016–present: Folia Geographica

2013–present: Journal of Historical Geography

2012–present: AUC–Geographica

2012–present: Moravian Geographical Reports

2008–present: Historická geografie [Historical Geography]

2004–2009: Atlas of the Landscape of the Czech Republic – Part 3 “Historical Landscape”, guarantor

2000–present: Klaudyan, an internet journal for historical geography and environmental history (www.klaudyan.cz)

1998–2016: Geografické rozhledy [Geographical View]

Membership – scientific organizations:

2010–present Regional Studies Association (RSA)

2003–present IGU – Commission on Evolving Issues of Geographical Marginality

2001–present European Society for Environmental History (ESEH)

2000–present IGU – Commission on Land Use and Land Cover Change

1998–present Czech Geographical Society

1997–present Society for Economic and Social History of the Academy of Sciences CR

He regularly participates in international conferences, primarily for historical geographers (ICHG) and environmental historians (ESEH, ASEH, ICEHO).

2009–2012: chair of the Organising Committee for the 15th International Conference of Historical Geographers, Prague 2012

2001–2003: LOC secretary of the 2nd International ESEH Conference "Dealing with Diversity", Prague 2003

2001: member of the LOC of the IC IGU-LUCC "Land Use / Land Cover Changes in the Period of Globalization" in Prague 2001

2011: gatekeeper for the RSA conference in Newcastle 2011

2010: keynote speaker at Socio-economic Spatial Systems and Territorial Governance IC, University of Tartu, Tartu, Estonia

2008: gatekeeper for the RSA conference Regions: The Dilemmas of Integration and Competition in Prague 2008

Reviewer for domestic and international scientific journals and projects both for domestic and foreign grant agencies

2007–2009: chair of the Academic Senat of the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague


2005: Special prize of the Dean of the Faculty of Science for excellent teaching in the fields of historical and cultural geography, grant projects fundrising and research of long-term changes of the marginal regions

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