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Monika De Frantz

Hostující profesorka Monika De Frantz na KSGRR v zimním semestru 2018/2019

Monika De Frantz has just joined Charles University as international Visiting Professor in Geography. With a Ph.D. from the European University Institute EUI Florence, she has previously taught at the University of Chicago, University of New Orleans, London School of Economics, Bauhaus University Weimar, EUI Florence, Universities of Vienna and Innsbruck. Her book 'Capital City Cultures' compared the politics of cultural planning, tourism, heritage and urban development in Vienna and Berlin. Her research combines political theories of urban globalisation with case studies of European territorial politics, transnational and multi-level governance, regionalism, ethnic-national minorities and social movements (e.g., new EU Urban Agenda, border areas, Danube and Alps regions). During this term, she will teach two courses in 'Cities, Development and Globalisation' and 'Planning and Governance in Complex Social Spaces' at the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development.

Further information: http://monikadefrantz.wordpress.com/

Publikováno: Středa 31.10.2018 09:05

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