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Vybrané publikace

Vybrané publikace v odborných časopisech (od 2009)

KLIMENT, Z., MATOUŠKOVÁ, M. (2009): Runoff changes in the Šumava Mountains (Bohemian Forest) and the foothill regions: Extent of influence by human impact and climate changes. Water resources management, 23, 1813-1834.

KLIMENT, Z., MATOUŠKOVÁ, M., ŠOBR, M., POTŮČKOVÁ, M., HUJSLOVÁ, J. (2009): Methods of evaluating the fluvial-morphological development of the revitalized channel of the Sviňovický Brook. Acta Universitatis Carolinae, Geographica, XLIII, No. 1-2. Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Karolinum, Praha, 125-144.

KLIMENT, Z., MATOUŠKOVÁ, M., LEDVINKA, O., KRÁLOVEC, V. (2010): Trend analysis of rainfall–runoff regime in selected headwater areas of the Czech Republic. Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics, 59, 1, 36-50.

MATOUŠKOVÁ, M. DVOŘÁK, M. (2010): Assessment of physical habitat modification in the Bílina River Basin. Limnetica, 30 (2): 293-306.

MATOUŠKOVÁ, M. WEISS, A., MATCHULLAT, J. (2010): Ecological survey of river habitat diversity: trans-boundary cooperation in the Ore Mountains (Krušné hory, Erzgebirge). Geografie. Praha, 115, 3, 284-307.

ŠÍPEK, V., MATOUŠKOVÁ, M., DVOŘÁK, M. (2010): Comparative analysis of selected hydromorphological assesssment methods. Environmental Monitoring Assessment. 169, 309-319,

MATOUŠKOVÁ, M., KLIMENT, Z., LEDVINKA, O., KRÁLOVEC, V. (2011): Application of selected statistical tests to detect changes in the rainfall and runoff regime. Die Bodenkultur, 62 (1-4), 93-98.

BLAHUŠIAKOVÁ, A., MATOUŠKOVÁ, M. (2012): Analýza povodní na hornom toku Hrona v rokach. Geografie, 4, 117, 415-433.

LANGHAMMER, J., MATOUŠKOVÁ, M., KLIMENT, Z. (2013): Assessment of Spatial and temporal changes in key aspects of the ecological status of streams in Czechia: Geographical approach. Geografie Sborník ČGS, 4, 117, 309-333.

BLAHUŠIAKOVÁ, A, MATOUŠKOVÁ, M. (2015): Rainfall and runoff regime trends in mountain catchments (Case study area: the upper Hron River basin, Slovakia). J. Hydrol. Hydromech., 63, 2015, 3, 183–192.

KRÁLOVEC, V., KLIMENT, Z., MATOUŠKOVÁ, M. (2016). Evaluation of runoff response on the basis of a comparative paired research in mountain catchments with the different land use. Case study of the Blanice River, Czechia. Geografie, 121, 2, 209–234.

KUJANOVÁ, K., MATOUŠKOVÁ, M. (2016): Improvement in physical river habitat quality in response to river restoration measures. Geografie 121, 1, 54-78.

KUJANOVÁ K., MATOUŠKOVÁ M., KLIMENT Z. (2016): Hydromorphological parameters of natural channel behavior in conditions of the Hercynian System and the flysch belt of the Western Carpathians on the territory of the Czech Republic. Geomorphology, 258, 69–81.

KUJANOVÁ K., MATOUŠKOVÁ M. (2017): Identification of hydromorphological reference sites using the new REFCON method with an application to rivers in the Czech Republic. Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology, 2017, vol. 2017, 235-245. (IF)

KUJANOVÁ, K., Matoušková, M., Hošek, Z., (2018). The relationship between river types and land cover in riparian zones. Limnologica 71, 29–43.

Kapitoly v zahraničních monografiích od r. 2010

MATOUŠKOVÁ, M. (2010): An Example of Water Ecosystem Restoration and their Influence on Flood Protection in the Czech Republic. Editor Cech, T., Water Resources Environmental Issues, 162-171. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

MATOUŠKOVÁ, M., ŠMEROUSOVÁ, K. (2014): Hydromorphological reference condition of streams based on the European Water Framework Directive. Editor Roose, A., Progress in water geography – Pan-European discourses, methods and practices of spatial water research, 51-65. Publikcationes Instituti Geographici Universitates Tartuensis 110, Tartu

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