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Population-Europe New Website

Upozorňujeme na nové stránky Population-Europe, jehož partnerem/členem je také naše katedra

Population Europe, a collaborative network of Europe's leading demographic research centres, announces the launch of its new website www.population-europe.eu. In a renewed and user-optimised way we aim to strengthen the dissemination of research results in the field of demography.

The website provides reliable facts and evidence-based findings for the public discussion of population issues. This includes, for instance, information about the ageing society, family politics, migration, working life or health systems.  All the information has been verified by well-respected scientists from leading European research centres.

The Population Europe website is where policy-makers, journalists, scientists, researchers and a lay audience can find reliable information about the impact of demographic change on society.

The new website provides

  • a unique platform that gathers together knowledge from leading European research centres
  • new insights, precise facts and evidence-based findings at the forefront of population and policy research
  • a broad array of topics and innovative methods employed in the field of population studies
  • easily accessible summaries of the results of cutting edge research carried out by the partner institutes of Population Europe
  • teaching material and animation tools

Population Europe was founded in June 2009. It is supported by the European Commission since January 2010.  This collaborative network provides comprehensive knowledge, information, and insights into fundamental demographic trends and diverging population developments. This expertise is key to understanding the political, social, and economic developments of Europe in the 21st century. Over 100 experts support the network with their knowledge. In our Information Centre we coordinate the dissemination of demographic facts and findings to inform Europe on population issues. [ir, ks]

Publikováno: Středa 02.11.2011 00:00

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