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Susmita Dolai

Microreactor platforms for photochemical and photocatalytic processes

  • Email: dolai@icpf.cas.cz
  • Telefon: +420220390233
  • Pracovna: Rozvojová 135/1, 165 02 Praha-Lysolaje, Department of Catalysis and Reaction Engineering, místnost č. 5.2.10
  • Školitel: doc. Dr. Ing. Petr Klusoň, DSc.
  • Zahájení studia: 2019


Main goal of my research is prepare carbon based nano materials for catalytic reactions. Knowledge of reaction mechanism and kinetics of persistent organic pollutants are crucial for development and removal technology. Feasibility of photochemical microreactor utilization as a tool for experimental investigation of photochemical degradation of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) and rodamine b (RB) will be studied. Degradation of deca-BDE in photochemical microreactor with thin irradiated liquid layer of variable thickness will be investigated. The experimental results of the significantly higher degradation rates of PBDE when compared to published results obtained with conventional photochemical reactors. After several minutes in microreactor, the major degradation products were the mono brominated congeners. The extremely fast degradation of higher-brominated congeners allowed for complete deca-BDE degradation down to mono-BDE within short experimental times. The results confirmed the suitability of photochemical microreactors as a benficial tool for better understanding of the degradation mechanism and kinetics of photodegradation of persistent organic pollutants due to significantly shorter experimental times needed to obtain the necessary data. 


Recent publications:

D. Susmita, K. Neeta, A. Adi, B. Jesús, Monomer sequence design at two solvent interface enables the synthesis of highly photoactive carbon nitride, RSC Advances, 45,26091-26096, (2019)

D.Susmita , B.Jesús, P.Guiming, G.Andrea, S.Menny, Tailoring carbon nitride properties and photoactivity by interfacial engineering of hydrogen-bonded frameworks, Nanoscale, 12, 5564-5570 (2019)

B. K. Susanta, D. Susmita, S. Hongchen, J. Raz, “On/off/on” hydrogen-peroxide sensor with hemoglobin-functionalized carbon dots, Sens. Actuators, B, 270, 223-230 (2018)

D. Susmita, B. K. Susanta, Z. Leila, P. T. Ofra, J.  Raz Jelinek, Thenoyltrifluoroacetone (TTA)-Carbon dot/aerogel fluorescent sensor for lanthanide and actinide ions, ACS Omega, 2, 9288-9295 (2017)

D. Susmita, B. Susanta.K, J.Raz, Carbon-dot-aerogel sensor for aromatic volatile organic compounds ,Sens. Actuators B, 241, 607-613(2017)

D. Susmita, B. Susanta. K, B. Stella. S, K.Sofiya, Z.Leila, J.Raz, Colorimetric polydiacetylene-aerogel detector for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 9, 2891-2898 (2017)

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