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Teacher CVs

CZECH teachers

Irena Antonová - the head of the department

If you grow up with your mother being an English teacher, your career is somehow predestined. I have always loved English language and culture and therefore it was easy to choose my field of study. In 2006 I graduated from the Faculty of Arts of Palacký University in Olomouc with a double major in English and History.

During my studies I worked as a volunteer PR-Responsible and President of AEGEE Prague (European Students’ Forum) and in 2002 I started working for the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies at Charles University (UJOP UK). Not only could I teach my favourite target groups of university students, but also courses for children, teenagers and adults.

In 2004-2005 I taught at The Bell School language school and in 2006 - 2007 I was employed by private university ESMA to cover Business English. In 2010 I was appointed the Head of Foreign Languages Department at UJOP UK and for two years enjoyed organizing and teaching English courses at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Then I took a break to become a mother of two and in September 2016 I returned to my beloved science students to ”carry on with the show”.

Zuzana Crhová

A Prague-born local who has always been a hopeless anglophile. I love the language and have been teaching it for 7 years. It´s a great way to pass on knowledge and better oneself.

However, after studying biology at Charles University for 2 years, I went on to study music and graduated from the Prague Conservatory in 2016.

After doing my CELTA course in summer 2016, I decided to teach English full-time. I have taught various courses at various language schools, including Business English, English for specific purposes and exam preparation. I have attended a number of seminars, workshops and conferences focused on teaching English.

In my spare time, I love going to museums and galleries. I also like reading and travelling.

Jan Eichler

I was born in Jindrichuv Hradec, which is located in South Bohemia. I still have strong ties to the South Bohemian region. Recently, though, I have been all over the (Czech) map. I graduated from the Department of English and American Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University. I studied both English language and literature program and Teaching English language and literature program. I’m now pursuing my PhD there. Yet, here I am currently living in Prague and doing my best applying what I learned. If you don’t see me doing something work/study related, you’ll probably catch me watching various kinds of sports or actively partaking in one.

Vladimíra Jindřichová

My work is a hobby for me! Really!

Teaching English is not just my job, but basically my hobby. I have been teaching for 25 years, teaching pupils, students, managers, clerks or seniors who wanted to complement their education. Thanks to that, I have also taught at many places - from primary school to the Czech Academy of Science, Motol Hospital and the Ministry of Finance, to name only a few, in the classrooms, in the offices, parks, cafés and most recently at home via computer...

However, I am officially a court appointed interpreter and translator. I often interpret for the Foreign Police in Prague, in total I have provided several hundred interpretations with them. And I also translate - mostly for public prosecutors, courts and other authorities - investigative orders, international arrest warrants, legal aid applications, judgments and resolutions. Just nothing that would belong to an honorary place in anyone’s bookshelf, but maybe it will happen one day. I shouldn’t forget to mention the fact that I have been in prison a few times – or more correctly: in the prison - fortunately only for work purposes.

I have loved English since my childhood and gradually studied it at several schools, and of course in London which is my favourite city. The penultimate school was the Faculty of Law, where it was a specialized two-semester study for translators of legal texts. And to make matters worse, I'm currently studying at UHK Political Science - African studies - another of my hobbies.

But there are moments when I do not teach, interpret, translate or study. Since I love all forms of culture - theatre, concerts and exhibitions - it is clear how I spend my free time: in September 2021 alone, I attended 7 concerts. And finally - I can't imagine my life without books.

Lída Němcová

My professional life, which started just in both the amazing and difficult nineties, led me from the Faculty of Science in Prague, where I graduated with a major in biology, to an amazing venture. First, it was a year at the University of New Hampshire, second, to a forestry company, and then, to being a mother of two. Meanwhile, I was teaching English at a few private language schools in Prague, which gave me experience with different students with different minds and from different backgrounds.

I got deeply involved in raising and educating beautiful young people, including children and teenagers of other parents. I tried my hand at being a teacher at secondary schools, first at a Business Academy and then at a School of Agriculture, Farming, and Horseback Riding. While teaching English, I discovered that exploring the learning patterns of clever people is one of the most intriguing adventures I can imagine.

If I do not think about teaching, and/or English, I am probably riding my bike, hiking in the mountains, cross-country skiing, or riding the lawnmower in my garden.

Markéta Sluková

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Prague, I found myself, from an early age, greatly drawn to languages, especially English. Learning new vocabulary, language structures and being able to make them my own has been my passion ever since my first English language course at the age of 6.

For that reason, after finishing my degree at the Faculty of Humanistic Sciences in Prague (philosophy, psychology and English translation), I decided to move to the UK and later to the fascinating city of New York in the USA.

After returning to Prague 10 years ago, I took the Cambridge exams, participated in lots of trainings, attended many seminars and teacher improvement courses and subsequently started my career as an English teacher. Helping somebody discover their way into learning a language is a truly rewarding experience.

I have been an English teacher since, with an occasional venture into interpreting seminars revolving around my areas of interest such as bodywork, trauma treatment, structural anatomy etc.

I love humour, especially of the British variety, expressing myself through dance and singing and incessantly trying to figure out ways to make myself, and by extension everybody, a happier person.

Zdeňka Pražáková


Katherine Nader (CAN)

Katherine is a Creative Writing and Academic Writing Teacher. She has a Master’s in Education from the University of Toronto, Canada, and came to Charles University in 2020. For her Bachelor’s Degree, she majored in Biology, and has two minors in English and in Professional Writing. She taught Grade 11 Biology and Nature Studies in 2016, and has been teaching English, Science, and Writing ever since.


Currently on maternity leave

Hana Chudáčková

After taking a year off to “do something about my horrible English” halfway through my Biology studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Charles University, I returned home from an au-pairing job in London to be asked to teach English in a little language school. I fell in love with the language, culture and people while in Britain and so I gave it a go. I never looked back, even though I had to eventually give up a researcher job at the National Museum when I was asked to join the language department at my alma mater in autumn 2012. I'm trying to keep in touch with biology through my PhD studies at the Botany Department of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. I´ve attended several teaching courses for teaching biology and English, including the “Teaching minimum” course at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and I´m currently attending an English Teaching Course at ČVUT

I have been a choir singer since I was 8, at the moment I am a member of the Charles University Choir (VUS UK), the Czech national choir Bohemiachor and REVOICE International Vocal Ensemble, where I also help as one of the major organisers. Also, I can't imagine my summers without a proper hike in the mountains.

Magda Zajac

I’ve been teaching English as an academic teacher, language school employee and private tutor for about 8 years now. I graduated from the University of Lodz, Poland, with a PhD in English linguistics (I specialise in English phonetics and phonology). I have taught various types of courses, ranging from General English to English Pronunciation and Presentation Skills.

Until recently, I had been employed as an academic teacher and researcher at the University of Lodz. Apart from teaching, I have published several scientific articles on non-native pronunciation and the acquisition of L2 speech (some of which you can find at my Academia profile page and presented my research at a number of local and international conferences.

While I was still employed at the University of Lodz, I completed a one-semester internship at Charles University in Prague. I worked at the Institute of Phonetics and taught English pronunciation to students of English between October 2016 and February 2017. While I was doing my internship, I also started working as an English teacher for Caledonian School.

The time spent in Prague made me realise that I want to stay here for good. After my internship had ended, I started looking for a permanent post here, and I’m very happy to have found a teaching position at Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies. Apart from UJOP UK, I’ve recently started working for the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, providing English support for the employees of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences.

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