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Human paleobiomics - granty pro PhD. studenty i jejich školitele

možno žádat kdykoliv během roku

Hard Tissue Research Program in Human Paleobiomics (HTRP-HP)

will fund on a competitive basis the hard tissue dissertation research of doctoral candidates from any academic department and residing at any university in the world.

Dissertation research projects must emphasize a hard tissue biology approach in pursuit of knowledge and enhanced understanding of early human paleobiology and/or any element of the paleobiome in which early humans lived. The integration of microanatomical or compositional information with macroanatomical, functional, physiological, life historical, or behavioral approaches is key to the primary objective of the Hard Tissue Research Program in Human Paleobiomics (HTRP-HP). Research projects may include any vertebrate, modern and/or extinct, providing that the scope of the research is systems biology in nature and that it contributes significantly to our understanding of the human paleobiome. The HTRP-HP will consider invertebrate hard tissue biology if such research emphasizes its relevance to the systems biology approach in human paleobiomics.

The HTRP-HP Scientific Committee has also decided to fund a small number of Supervisor Applications for supporting students in research. Initial funding to a possible maximum of 10,000 EUR for cutting-edge research initiatives in the integrative field of Human Paleobiomics will be available.

Students may apply for up to 50% of project direct costs for up to two years and a total maximum of $12,500 (ca. 10,500 €). Eligible direct costs include consumables, travel, and field expenses, and may include living expenses when justified.


vložila: Darina Koubínová

Publikováno: Středa 16.04.2014 11:10

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