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Souhrnný přehled aktuálních grantových výzev a stipendií - 7. 4. 2014

Aktuální grantové výzvy, mobility, volná místa, stáže a stipendia pro zaměstnance i studenty

Rychlý přehled

Grantové výzvy a související workshopy + volné pozice a stáže

  1. GRANTS Visegrad+ - THIS YEAR IS ONE OF THE PRIORITIES: Environment and Sustainable Development
  2. Visegradský grant na podporu pořádání konferencí
  3. James S Mc Donnel Foundation - různé granty
  4. Několik malých grantových příležitostí pro primatology
  5. Grantové možnosti EMBO
  7. STIPENDIA SLOVENSKO - Národní stipendijní program Slovenské republiky
  8. AKCE Bridging Bussiness and Research H2020 - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
  10. TAČR VÝZVA - Vyhlášení 1. veřejné soutěže programu EPSILON
  12. AKCE Slovensko-český seminář k ERA-Chair
  13. PRACOVNÍ POZICE - ERA-chair v oblasti biologie rostlin - poptávka
  14. WORKSHOP Business Arena – Best inspiration from Finland
  15. STÁŽE Nabídka zahraničních vědeckých stáží v Ekvádoru

Stipendia, volná místa, konference a soutěže pro studenty a postdoky

  2. POSTDOC University of Iceland Post-doc grants 2014
  3. The call for applications for the 2015 Claude Leon Postdoctoral Fellowships – South Africa closes on 31 May 2014
  4. POSTDOC France : 24 month Postdoctoral fellowships in econometrics
  5. Joint PostDoc Fellowships
  6. Korea (Seoul): MSc, MSc-PhD (combined) or PhD positions
  7. PHD Germany : Project in Geomicrobiology
  8. PHD POSITIONS - plant-pollinator interactions
  9. Různá stipendia pro studenty (od Bc. po PhD.) a postdoky - Řecko, Austrálie, Norsko, Slovensko, Německo, Švýcarsko
  10. Volná místa pro postdoktorandy - AstraZeneca (Švédsko, UK, USA)
  12. SOUTĚŽ pro studenty a absolventy doktorských studijních programů (Ph.D.) CESNET

Podrobný přehled

Grantové výzvy a související workshopy + volné pozice a stáže

1)  GRANTS Visegrad+ - THIS YEAR IS ONE OF THE PRIORITIES: Environment and Sustainable Development

uzávěrka: 15.5.2014

The Visegrad+ Program was estab­lished in 2008 from the so-called Flexible Fund. Visegrad+ is a grant pro­gram cre­ated to admin­is­ter and finance projects which con­tribute to the democ­ra­ti­za­tion and trans­for­ma­tion processes in selected coun­tries and regions, espe­cially non-EU mem­ber states in Eastern Europe and the Southern Caucasus (the EU’s Eastern Partnership), and the Western Balkans.

So far, projects were focused on Belarus, Georgia, Serbia, and the whole Western Balkan region (see pre­vi­ously approved project pro­pos­als).

Any legal entity or natural person worldwide is eligible for support, provided that the nature of the submitted project fulfills the aim of Visegrad+ program and adheres to the given call for proposals. Preference is given to projects proposals submitted by non-profit and nongovernmental organizations, public educational, cultural and research institutions and municipalities or local governments.

...The project shall be financed by the Fund at up to 100% of its total cost....

Priorities for 2014:
1.Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights
2.Good Governance
3.Regional Cooperation
4.EU Approximation
5.Environment and Sustainable Development


5. Environment and sustainable development
· Raising awareness about environmental protection, renewable sources and energy efficiency
· Grass-root initiatives improving the quality of life

Further conditions:
· Projects involve active participation of entities from at least 3 different V4 countries and at least 2 different Western Balkan countries regardless of the coordinator
· Expected timeframe of proposed projects cannot exceed 18 months
· Requested support cannot exceed €80,000
· Overhead costs do not exceed 5% of the requested support
· Tangible/intangible assets do not exceed 7% of the requested support

Contact persons:
Adriana Dvorská: dvorska@visegradfund.org
Barbora Hromeková: hromekova@visegradfund.org


2) Visegradský grant na podporu pořádání konferencí

uzávěrka 15. 4. 2014

GRANT Visegrad Strategic Conferences

The Visegrad Strategic Conferences grant pro­gram was estab­lished in 2014 as a sub-program of the Strategic Grants to fund conference-type events of strate­gic regional rel­e­vance. Annual bud­get for the Strategic Conferences chap­ter is €370,000.

Prospective appli­cants are highly encour­aged to con­sult the fund prior to the sub­mis­sion of their pro­pos­als. The pro­pos­als are to be sub­mit­ted in the form of an on-line appli­ca­tion form by the dead­line—April 15, 2014.

•prospec­tive appli­cants must have an excel­lent track record and rich expe­ri­ence with the fund’s grant pro­grams (pre­vi­ous suc­cess­ful projects imple­mented with the fund’s support)
•the pro­posal must prove the given conference’s sig­nif­i­cant inter­na­tional impact as well as a strong regional (V4) relevance
•the pro­posed con­fer­ences must fall within one or more of the fol­low­ing top­ics: for­eign pol­icy, econ­omy, secu­rity, democ­ra­ti­za­tion, human rights, eco­nomic and social trans­for­ma­tion,  regional coop­er­a­tion, etc.



3) James S Mc Donnel Foundation - různé granty

Granty pro postdoky a meziinstitucionální spolupráci v oblastech: Understanding Human Cognition, Studying Complex Systems a Mathematical & Complex Systems Approaches for Brain Cancer

GRANTS James S. McDonnell Foundation (JSMF) - 21st Century Science Initiative: Funding Opportunities
Funding available for grants in three program areas (◦Studying Complex Systems ◦Understanding Human Cognition ◦Mathematical & Complex Systems Approaches for Brain Cancer)

Who is eligible?
◦U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations
◦International organizations equivalent of U.S. 501(c)(3) organizations

6.1) Studying Complex Systems Program

For Scholar Awards (A) the program's emphasis is furthering the science of complex systems via the continued development of the theory and tools used in the study of complex research questions and not on particular fields of research per se.   JSMF is particularly interested in projects attempting to apply complex systems approaches to coherently articulated questions.

A) Scholar Award
Amount: $450,000
Duration: 6 years
Eligibility: Principal investigators between 5 and 15 years post Ph.D.
LAST DEDALINE WAS March 12, 2014


For Postdoctoral Fellowships (B) and  Collaborative Activity Awards (C), proposals furthering the science of complex systems and/or proposals intending to apply complex system tools and models to problems where such approaches are not yet considered usual or mainstream are appropriate.

B) Postdoctoral Fellowship Award
Amount: $200,000
Duration: Expended in no less than 2 and no more than 3 years.
Eligibility: Ph.D. students within 18 months of anticipated completion of graduate training

Details on 2014 competition will be posted late March.


C) Collaborative Award
Amount and Duration: flexible

Collaborative Activity Awards to initiate interdisciplinary discussions on problems or issues, to help launch interdisciplinary research networks, or to fund communities of researchers/practitioners dedicated to developing new methods, tools, and applications of basic research to applied problems.
The 21st Century Collaborative Activity Awards are awards for multidisciplinary and multi-participant projects that address questions and topics relevant to the Foundation's core and complementary program areas.

◦Strong preference will be given to applications involving multi-institutional collaboration.
◦There are no geographic restrictions on these awards and the Foundation encourages international applications.
◦The lead applicant must be sponsored by a non-profit institution as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.
◦ The grantee institution must agree to administer the award and to waive all indirect and administrative costs.




4) Několik malých grantových příležitostí pro primatology

uzávěrky 1. srpna a 20. září 2014

1)  CALL for GRANT PROPOSALS Primate Conservation, Incorporated (PCI)

not-for-profit foundation founded to fund field research that supports conservation programs for wild populations of primates. Priority will be given to projects that study, in their natural habitat, the least known and most endangered species. The involvement of citizens from the country in which the primates are found will be a plus. The intent is to provide support for original research that can be used to formulate and to implement conservation plans for the species studied.


Primate Conservation, Inc. will grant seed monies or provide matching grants for graduate students, qualified conservationists and primatologists to study rare and endangered primates and their conservation in their natural habitat. Grants have averaged approximately $2,500, with a maximum grant of $5,000. We do not support conferences, travel to scientific meetings, legal actions, tuitions or salaries at institutions, and overhead costs.

Deadlines for all grant application materials to be in our office is February 1st and September 20th. Awards will be given by May 15th and December 15th.




The Research Committee of IPS awards grants of up to $1500 to support outstanding primate research proposals. We invite proposals for primate-oriented research projects with a strong theoretical component. These projects can be conducted in the field and/or in captivity. Scientific excellence will be the primary selection criterion. Proposals for projects focusing solely on primate conservation or on the captive care of nonhuman primates will not be considered by the Research Committee and should be directed to the Conservation or Captive Care Committees.

A reference letter is not required for submission of proposals. Please submit your porposal as pdf-file!

If you have any questions regarding this funding mechanism, please contact Dr. Joanna Setchell at joanna.setchell@durham.ac.uk.

Application Due: March 1st




Application for the ASP General Small Grant Deadline: Aug 1, 2014

Grant proposals are invited for general research projects, with preference given to training initiatives, start-up funds, supplementary funding for students, and innovations in animal care and research technology. Award amounts range from $500 to $1500, and will be for a period of one year.

Note that conservation research and related projects should apply for an ASP Conservation Small Grant

1.Grants must have an ASP Member who will act as a sponsor. Neither the applicant nor the mentor need be members, but they must have an ASP member sponsor their grant.


3.The applicant must be formally affiliated with an institution that can assure that the funds are used appropriately (e.g., Primate Center, University, Foundation or established Field Program).



5) Grantové možnosti EMBO

uzávěrka 15. Dubna nebo během celého roku


1) Installation Grants  - DEADLINE 15 April

EMBO Installation Grants aim to strengthen science in the Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal and Turkey by encouraging talented researchers to establish independent laboratories in these countries.
Institutions and successful job candidates apply together to gain funding beyond normal start-up packages. The commitment and support of the receiving institute during and beyond the tenure of the grant is regarded as essential. This is meant to ensure continued support of the academic career of the recipient.
Successful applicants receive an annual support of 50,000 euro for three to five years and benefits similar to those of the EMBO Young Investigator Programme.
The scheme is entirely funded by the EMBC Member States who elect to participate in the programme. It is administered by the EMBO Young Investigator Programme. Search the Installation Grants database for the 58 grants, which have been awarded since 2006.

Find out more at http://www.embo.org/funding-awards/installation-grants

2) Short-Term Fellowships Applications accepted throughout the year

Short-Term Fellowships fund research visits of up to three months to laboratories in Europe and elsewhere in the world. The aim is to facilitate valuable collaborations with research groups applying techniques that are unavailable in the applicant's laboratory. Short-Term Fellowships are not awarded for exchanges between two laboratories within the same country. Short-Term Fellowships are intended for joint research work rather than consultations.

All applications should focus on the benefit to the home laboratory and involve movement between countries – one of which must be an EMBC Member State. (For applicants from a laboratory within a non-member state, the Short-Term Fellowships are for a fixed duration of 90 days). The fellowships cover travel plus subsistence of the fellow only and not of dependents.

Find out more at http://www.embo.org/funding-awards/fellowships/short-term-fellowships



Výzva k podávání návrhů společných česko-rakouských výzkumných projektů s dobou řešení 2015-2016
... mezinárodní spolupráce ve výzkumu a vývoji na podporu mobility výzkumných pracovníků a pracovnic MOBILITY

Termín pro předkládání návrhů projektů: 17. 3. - 30. 5. 2014

Podrobnosti naleznete na webu ministerstva školství.


7) STIPENDIA SLOVENSKO - Národní stipendijní program Slovenské republiky

Národní stipendijní program Slovenské republiky na podporu mobilit je určen jak pro slovenské, tak pro zahraniční studenty, doktorandy, vysokoškolské učitele a vědecké pracovníky.

Žádosti pro období 2014/2015 je možné podávat do 30. dubna 2014.

Bližší informace naleznete v informačním letáku nebo na adrese http://www.scholarships.sk/

The National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic supports study and research stays at universities and research
organisations. It supports two-way mobility — of foreign scholarship holders to Slovakia, as well as of Slovak scholarship holders abroad.
Scholarships cover living costs related to the scholarship stay. Slovak scholarship applicants may also apply for a travel grant.


8) AKCE Bridging Bussiness and Research H2020 - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

Kdy:  5.5.2014 09:30 - 15:00
Kde:  Hotel Diplomat, Evropská 15, Praha 6

Technologické centrum AV ČR a Evropská komise si vás dovoluje pozvat na národní informační den na téma Bridging Bussiness and Research, Horizon 2020 - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, který se bude konat 5. května 2014 v hotelu Diplomat, Evropská 15, Praha 6.
Bude představen nový nástroj na podporu všech inovačních MSP a další možnosti financování inovačních aktivit podniků, program COSME a především možnosti zapojení průmyslového resp. ne-akademického sektoru do akcí Marie Skłodowska-Curie, jejichž cílem je podpora mobility a profesního růstu výzkumných pracovníků a podpora spolupráce průmyslového resp. ne-akademického a akademického sektoru.

Registrace bude otevřena do 22. dubna 2014 a účast bude všem zaregistrovaným potvrzena po 23.dubnu 2014.
Registrovat se můžete zde: https://mscabusiness.teamwork.fr/index.php?error=session



- Vyhlášení výzvy k předkládání žádostí o grant v programu CZ02 – Biodiverzita, monitoring a změna klimatu, progr. oblasti „Biodiverzita a ekosystémové služby/Monitorování a integrované plánování a kontrola v životním prostředí/Adaptace na změnu klimatu“

Uzávěrka pro předkládání žádostí o grant je 2. června 2014 v 15 hod.



10) TAČR VÝZVA - Vyhlášení 1. veřejné soutěže programu EPSILON

Technologická agentura ČR vyhlásí dne 5. května 2014 svou 1. veřejnou soutěž programu EPSILON.

Struktura návrhu projektu bude vycházet z aktualizovaného návrhu projektu 4. veřejné soutěže programu ALFA, s ohledem na specifika daná programem EPSILON. Vzhledem k této skutečnosti se uchazeči budou moci s dostatečným předstihem připravit na podávání návrhů projektů do 1. veřejné soutěže programu EPSILON.

Více informací o programu naleznete zde: http://www.tacr.cz/index.php/cz/programy/program-epsilon.html

Program EPSILON je zaměřen zejména na zlepšení pozice českého a v globálním kontextu i evropského průmyslu pomocí podpory projektů aplikovaného výzkumu a experimentálního vývoje, jejichž výsledky mají vysoký potenciál pro rychlé uplatnění v nových produktech, výrobních postupech a službách, zejména v těchto prioritních oblastech:

  • Konkurenceschopná ekonomika založená na znalostech
  • Udržitelnost energetiky a materiálových zdrojů
  • Prostředí pro kvalitní život


We accept letters of inquiry (LOI) for grants in our Global Health initiatives. These include:

  • Enteric & Diarrheal Diseases
  • HIV
  • Malaria
  • Neglected Infectious Diseases
  • Pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis


- Vector-Control Tools

We support efforts to improve existing vector-control tools and develop new ones that can interrupt transmission in all settings. Our investments include:
•Improving current vector-control approaches by developing longer-lasting indoor residual spraying, insecticides that can be used in combination to overcome resistance, and active ingredients that avoid known resistance mechanisms
•Exploiting novel aspects of the ecology or behavior of vector mosquitoes through the use of new tools and strategies such as spatial repellants, sugar-baited traps, and animal treatments
•Identifying which tools, alone or in combination, are most effective for eliminating malaria in particular settings


-New Diseases

To improve prospects for curbing six newly targeted diseases—ascaris, trichuris, hookworm, schistosomiasis, Buruli ulcer, and Chagas disease—we are investing in research to better understand their transmission patterns and what tools or interventions are needed to fight them.


Review Process
Once you've submitted your LOI, you will receive a confirmation that we have received it. Your LOI will be reviewed and you should generally receive a decision regarding whether it has been accepted within ten to twelve weeks of receipt of your application. Global Health program letters of inquiry are reviewed on a continuous basis throughout the year.


12) AKCE Slovensko-český seminář k ERA-Chair

Kdy: 25.4.2014 Kde: Centrum vedecko-technických informácií SR, Lamačská 8A, Bratislav 

Ministerstvo školstva, vedy výskumu a športu Slovenské republiky pořádá seminář věnovaný specifické výzvě programu Horizont 2020 - ERA Chair, jehož partnerem a spoluorgánizátorem je i Technologické centrum.
Seminář je určený zejména pracovníkům z oblasti vědy, výzkumu a inovací, v jejichž kompetenci jsou též rozvojové aktivity institucí. Seminář má mimo jiné poskynout i prostor pro tvořivý brainstorming, z něhož by měly vzejít konkurenceschopné návrhy projektů do uzávěrky v říjnu 2014.

Program semináře naleznete na tomto odkazu: http://www.h2020.cz/files/Microsoft-Word-ERA-Chair-seminar-BA.pdf

Zájemci se mohou hlásit do 10. dubna 2014 na e-mail: jakub.birka@cvtisr.sk (v přihlášce je kromě kontaktních údajů potřeba uvést i funkci).





13) PRACOVNÍ POZICE - ERA-chair v oblasti biologie rostlin - poptávka

The Institute of Plant Genetics of the Polish Academy of Sciences is looking for a dynamic scientist to establish an interdisciplinary group under the EU FP7 project "The Creation of the Department of Integrative Plant Biology (BIO-TALENT)".

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled; although to be guaranteed full consideration applications must be received by May 18, 2014

More info:



POZNÁMKA: Research Fields: Life Sciences – plant genetics and genomics

Career Stage: Experienced Researcher

Research Profile: Leading Researcher (R4)

Gross monthly salary: 10 000 € (net ca. 6 000 €) paid monthly 

Duration of employment: 60 months (preferably mid 2014 – mid 2019)



14) WORKSHOP Business Arena – Best inspiration from Finland


Pozvánka na dvoudenní workshop od finských odborníků na téma prohlubování spolupráce akademické a aplikační sféry, který pořádá společnost Business Arena z Finska.
Datum a místo konání: 12.-13. 6. 2014, Hotel Týnec (Střední Čechy)

Lektor: Mikko Markkanen, Business Arena, CEO
Komunikační jazyk: angličtina

Workshop nabízí praktické i teoretické poznatky z finského prostředí inovací a je určen zájemcům z řad manažerů transferu technologií, odborníků v oblasti inovací z regionálních rozvojových agentur a státní správy, manažerů vědeckotechnických parků a akademických a výzkumných pracovníků se zájmem o navázání spolupráce s firmami.
Pro více informací kontaktujte prosím Kateřinu Vorlovou, katerina.vorlova@businessarena.fi



15) STÁŽE Nabídka zahraničních vědeckých stáží v Ekvádoru

Projekt Prometeo je iniciativou ekvádorské vlády a jeho cílem je posílit výzkum, akademickou kapacitu a předávání znalostí ve specializovaných oborech zapojením zahraničních výzkumných pracovníků. 

Projekt nabízí zkušeným zahraničním výzkumným a akademickým pracovníkům realizaci svých vědeckých záměrů na vysokých a odborných školách, ve výzkumných ústavech a dalších veřejných institucích v Ekvádoru. Doba trvání pobytu je omezena na minimálně dva měsíce a maximálně jeden rok, během níž by měl výzkumný pracovník realizovat s hostitelskou institucí společný projekt, který povede k novým poznatkům v oblasti základního výzkumu, věd o živé přírodě, výzkumu přírodních zdrojů, inovací, společenských věd, vzdělávání, umění či kultury. 

V rámci projektu jsou otevřené kategorie „akademický pracovník“ a „výzkumný pracovník“. Zájemce musí v době podání přihlášky splňovat minimální požadavky, mezi něž patří titul Ph.D., zkušenost s vedením projektů, publikační činnost, účast na zahraničních konferencích či zkušenosti v oblasti výuky nebo předávání znalostí. 

Více informací naleznete v přiloženém letáku a na stránkách projektu: 



Stipendia, volná místa, konference a soutěže pro studenty a postdoky



Výzvy na cestovní granty ESOF2014 pro doktorské studenty jsou otevřené

ESOF (Otevřené fórum o evropské vědě) poskytuje mladým vědcům jedinečnou příležitost k interakci s předními vědci z různých vědních oborů. Momentálně jsou otevřené výzvy na cestovní granty pro doktorandy. První výzva se týká evropských kandidátů a druhá je orientována na mimoevropské uchazeče z pěti zemí (Jižní Korea, Čína, Indie, Brazílie a USA).

Více informací o možnostech cestovních grantů lze nalézt zde: http://www.euroscience.org/grants-for-esof-call-for-support.html



2) POSTDOC University of Iceland Post-doc grants 2014

University of Iceland advertises five Post-doc grants intended for scientists who have received their Ph.D. within the last five years. A University President appointed committee, with members from all five schools of the University, will evaluate and rank the applications.

Applications will be evaluated with main emphasis on the research plan and the research activity of applicants, The time passed since the doctorate degree was obtained will be taken into consideration in the evaluation. A letter of support from School/Faculty/Institution at the University of Iceland should be enclosed, confirming access to necessary facilities and equipment for the applicant´s research.

The deadline for application is May 1st 2014.
It is desired that successful applicants will start their Post-doc term no later than September 1st 2014.



3) The call for applications for the 2015 Claude Leon Postdoctoral Fellowships – South Africa closes on 31 May 2014.

The 2015 application form is attached and can be found on the website:



The Guidelines may be updated at the beginning of April so please ensure that you refresh the website then to ensure that you have the correct guidelines for the May applications:


Please remember that applications must come from the  institution and not directly from the candidate or supervisor and that applications that are not complete, do not have transcripts or are not signed will not be accepted.


4) POSTDOC France : 24 month Postdoctoral fellowships in econometrics

The LUMECOS project aims to develop a spatial micro-econometric land-use change model for application in assessing the impact of ecosystem services relevant to the dissemination of micro-organisms, crop health and climate processes. The successful applicant will contribute both to the development of spatial econometric discrete estimators for multinomial discrete choices usable for large samples (static and dynamic cases), and to the development and implementation (using R software) of related tests of model specification and of predicting accuracy.  S/he will contribute to applied model specification based on annual spatial micro-data on land owners and farmers in Provence region (2000-2012).

Expected starting date : automn 2014
Basic salary: 2300 €/month

Application Deadline : 30 April 2014



5) Joint PostDoc Fellowships

Joint Berlin-Jerusalem Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program

First Call for Proposals

The Joint Berlin-Jerusalem Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program aims to promote research cooperation as a career track to leverage synergies between Freie Universität Berlin and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The two universities establish a joint Post-Doctoral Fellowship scheme with competitively awarded grants to foster the career development of young researchers. The goal of this initiative is to pool resources and attract highly promising postdoctoral researchers to the combined strengths of two renowned research universities working in partnership. The Joint Post-Doctoral Fellowship aims to empower PostDocs for their next career step at a leading international research university.


Information for interested PostDocs:

  • Each fellowship is to be awarded for 24 months, starting in October 2014, and consists of two phases:

Phase 1: 12 months of research at Freie Universität Berlin;

Phase 2: 12 months of research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

(or vice versa).

  • The Post-Doctoral fellows will conduct their research projects under the joint supervision of Freie Universität and Hebrew University experienced researchers.
  • The suggested fellowship proposal may involve all disciplines, thematic or subject areas that exist at both universities or are complementary.
  • A monthly stipend of 1,500 Euro and a one-time relocation allowance (2,000 Euro). The Post-Doctoral Fellows will further be eligible to apply for travel funding.

Please see the current Call for Proposals here (.pdf, English). The current deadline is April 24, 2014.

For further information, please contact Matthias Kuder, Center for International Cooperation

Phone: ++49-(0)30-838-73942, matthias.kuder@fu-berlin.de


6) Korea (Seoul): MSc, MSc-PhD (combined) or PhD positions

MSc, or MSc/PhD (combined) or PhD positions available for HYU September 2014 intake, Full scholarship provided
Research Area:
Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Neuroimmunology, Cancer Biology, Computational Biology

Application deadline: online application: 17. – 23. April 2014 – check online
(online application and hardcopy (print) submission required, check the details carefully)

Více informací


7) PHD Germany : Project in Geomicrobiology

We are offering a PhD position in an interdisciplinary, international, young and dynamic team of microbiologists, geochemists and geoscientists. This position provides an opportunity for the candidate to be creative and innovative, and to work on a challenging topic which combines various fields within environmental sciences. Ideal candidates should have a solid background in environmental chemistry, environmental microbiology and/or biogeochemistry....

Application Deadline : 30 April 2014 



8) PHD POSITIONS - plant-pollinator interactions

We are looking for two enthusiastic PhD students to join a new project “Species traits and optimal foraging as drivers of the structure of plant-pollinator networks” funded by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic at the Biology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Entomology. Expected start date is summer – autumn 2014 (the date is flexible). Deadline for applications: 15 April 2014.



9) Různá stipendia pro studenty (od Bc. po PhD.) a postdoky - Řecko, Austrálie, Norsko, Slovensko, Německo, Švýcarsko

uzávěrky do druhé poloviny dubna až června 2014

Greek Government Scholarships for International Students in Greece, 2014/2015

do 30. dubna 2014


Applications are invited for Greek Government scholarships available for foreign citizens. We call for the scholarships granted by the Ministry of Education and Religions to foreign citizens who wish to make undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Superior Educational Institutes of our country or a research project in Superior Educational Institutes or Research Centers of our country, in the academic year 2014-2015 as well as a summer seminar in Greek Language and Culture for the summer of the year 2014, as follows:

  1. Czechia
  2. a) Ten (10) months of scholarship for postgraduate studies or research. The term of the scholarship may be from five (5) to ten (10) months.
  3. b) Two (2) scholarships for the attendance of a summer seminar in Greek Language and Culture





University of Queensland Science International Undergraduate Scholarships in Australia, 2014

do 30. dubna 2014

University of Queensland, the Faculty of Science offers undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for international students.





International PhD Positions in Biological Sciences in Germany, 2014

do 1. května 2014

Max-Planck-Institute for Developmental Biology and Friedrich Miescher Laboratory Tuebingen are offering International Germany PhD positions in the Biological Sciences.





National Scholarship Programme for Foreign Applicants in Slovak Republic, 2014/2015

do 30. dubna 2014

Applications are invited for National Scholarship Programme to support study/research/teaching/artistic mobility of foreign students, PhD students, university teachers, researchers and artists at universities and research organizations in Slovakia.



Dr. Eduard Gubelin Research Scholarship for International Students in Switzerland, 2014

do 30. června 2014

The Dr. Eduard Gübelin Association for Research & Identification of Precious Stones is offering research scholarship for MSc/PhD students or postdocs.

Study Subject (s): Scholarship is awarded in the fields of earth sciences (mineralogy, geology, geochemistry), crystallography, chemistry, solid-state physics, material sciences, archaeology, biology, and related fields.




PhD Positions in Neurosciences at University of Lübeck in Germany, 2014

do 20. dubna 2014

Applications are invited for highly motivated doctoral researchers for a structured three-year PhD programme.




PhD Research Fellowship in Chromatin and Stem Cell Differentiation in Norway, 2014

do 23. dubna 2014

University of Oslo is offering PhD research fellowship in chromatin and stem cell differentiation at the Department of Biosciences.




10) Volná místa pro postdoktorandy - AstraZeneca (Švédsko, UK, USA)

Nabídka míst pro postdoktorandy ve farmaceutické společnosti, uzávěrky během dubna a května

New positions based  in Sweden were posted the week of 21st  March.  New positions based in  the US will be posted the week of 28th March.  New positions based in the UK will be posted the week of 4th April.   The positions will be up for four weeks from the initial posting.

The positions can/will be found by clicking on this link http://jobs.astrazeneca.com/index.php#search-bar-anchor and entering postdoctoral.  Please note for information on location please look at the heading location not under country. Or click on this link to find the Swedish post docs (http://jobs.astrazeneca.com/jobs/details/l1rMOL000001A3-postdoctoral-position-sweden-17-positions).   Please apply directly thru that site if any are of the individuals positions are of interest.





Dear Colleagues,

The registration deadline for EMPSEB 20 (European meeting of PhD students in evolutionary Biology) has been extended to the 1st of May, giving PhD students at all stages of their research another month to apply! Themeeting will this year be held in La Roche-en-Ardenne in Belgium, from the 1st-6th of September, 2014.

Plenary speakers have been confirmed and their talks will cover an array of diverse topics, e.g. sexual and asexual evolution, phenotypic plasticity, non-genetic heredity and epigenetics, complex systems and the evolution of viruses, venoms and stress resistance, involving methods like genomics, proteomics, quantitative genetics or modelling.

Details about the confirmed plenaries and how to register can be found on the EMPSEB website:



Registration fee:

350 euro (price includes transport from the airport to La Roche-en-Ardenne, accommodation, and meals during the conference)



12) SOUTĚŽ pro studenty a absolventy doktorských studijních programů (Ph.D.) CESNET

Sdružení CESNET založily vysoké školy a Akademie věd České republiky. Jeho hlavním cílem je provozovat a rozvíjet českou národní e-infrastrukturu pro vědu, výzkum a vzdělávání. Ta nabízí celou řadu služeb pro moderní vědeckou a výzkumnou práci – například výkonné výpočetní clustery vybavené programy pro celou řadu oborů, velká datová úložiště pro ukládání a sdílení dat, prostředky pro multimediální komunikaci usnadňující spolupráci distribuovaných týmů a řadu dalších.

...Předmět soutěže
Zpracování případové studie ohledně:
◾inovativního využití stávajících služeb e-infrastruktury CESNET nebo
◾nových služeb a způsobů jejich využití ve vědě, výzkumu či vzdělávání.

Národní e-infrastruktura CESNET poskytuje služby především v oblasti informačních technologií, ale aplikační doména soutěžních případových studií není v žádném případě omezena pouze na tento obor. Naopak uvítáme, pokud uchazeč navrhne využití služeb e-infrastruktury i v jiných oborech, například v biologii, chemii, lingvistice či jakýchkoli jiných přírodních nebo humanitních vědách.

Pro koho je soutěž určena
Pro všechny studenty doktorských studijních programů (Ph.D.) a jejich absolventy, kteří k datu uzávěrky soutěže nepřekročí věk 35 let.



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