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Post-Doc Fund of Charles University in Prague

Project Proposed by Faculty of Science for the 5th call

1.-Title:                Development of catalytic enantioselective reactions

Annotation:    The main theme of the project is development of new catalytic systems for enantioselective additions of various nucleophiles or electrophiles to the carbonyl group of aromatic and alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes with Lewis bases or acids possessing chiral bipyridine scaffold. The focus will be allylations and aldol reactions providing chiral homoallyl alcohols and aldols. Since the integral part of the project will be also synthesis of natural compounds or their derivatives with interesting biological properties, it is planned that the prepared compounds will be used as crucial chiral building block in their syntheses. As far as representatives of potential synthetic targets are concerned, coibacines, papulacandine, dolikulide, etc. could be considered.

Contact:         Prof. Martin Kotora

                        Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Science

                        Charles University in Prague

                        Hlavova 8, 128 43 Praha 2, Czech Republic

                        Phone: +420 221 951 334

                        Fax:     +420 221 951 326

                        E-mail: kotora@natur.cuni.cz


2.- Project title: Tectonic significance of the metasedimentary rocks in the Chinese and Mongolian Altai: A field-based geochemical study

 The Central Asian Orogenic Belt is the largest accretionary orogenic belt in the world and large amount of juvenile crustal materials added to the region during the long-lasting orogenic processes. Therefore the giant orogenic belt provides the best opportunity for scientists to study the crustal growth history and to understand the complicated mountain building processes. Objectives of the projects are 1) to carry out field structural investigations in the Chinese and Mongolian Altai, 2) to analyze the whole-rock geochemical and U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopic ratios in zircons separated from representative samples, 3) To elucidate the provenance, deposition environment  of these metasedimentary rocks based on field and geochemical data and 4) to constrain the evolutionary history of the Chinese and Mongolian Altai based on the results of this study. The aims of the projects are to correlate the tectonic, geochronological and thermal evolution by providing link between deformation, metamorphism and magmatism. This multidisciplinary approach will provide critical information allowing correlation of  evolution of Chinese Altai with Mongolian Altai.

 Contact:  Mgr. Ondrej Lexa, Ph.D

                  Institute of petrology and structural Geology

                  Faculty of Science, Charles Univesity in Prague

                  Albertov 6., 128 43 Praha 2, Czech Republic

                  email: ondrej.lexa@natur.cuni.cz

tel. +42022195 1523


For further detals see also http://www.cuni.cz/UKENG-233.html

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