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GEM Trailblazer Summer

GEM Trailblazer Summer programme offers more than 30 courses over 5 tracks in 2019.  It is tailored to help students reach beyond their fullest potential, while exploring Asia, home to some of the world's most enticing and exciting destinations. 


Meantime, we would like you to take note of the followings

  1. Nomination
    Please complete the attached nomination form and send it to us after completion.  Only applicants that have been nominated in this list will be accepted under Exchange on a fee-waiver basis.
  2. Application
    You can notify your nominated students to submit their applications through NTU’s online application portal before19 April 2019.  Here is the link: https://venus.wis.ntu.edu.sg/NG_APP/Pages/Login.aspx.  
  3. Information sheet 2019
    Please refer to NTU GEM Trailblazer Summer Info sheet AY1819 .  We appreciate if you could share the appended eDM of our summer programme to your students.
  4. Programme Fees 
    You may refer to the following link for the breakdown of fees. Do note that students accepted under Exchange will not be required to pay tuition fees to NTU. However, other fees remain chargeable.http://global.ntu.edu.sg/GMP/GEMTrailblazer/SummerProgramme/Beforeyouapply/Pages/SummerFees_.aspx

Send us an email at summerNTU@ntu.edu.sg if you have further questions on NTU’s Summer Programme.

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