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For international students - Movie night, First Aid Course, Guided tour

12. 12. 2019 od 17:00 - Movie Night for International Students – Angel of the Lord 2 (Anděl Páně 2)

What is typical and traditional for Czech Christmas? Definitely fairytales as well as the sweet smell of Christmas cookies. Therefore, we are pleased to screen one of the most popular Christmas fairytales – Angel of the Lord 2. It tells the story of an angel, Petronel, and his tempter, devil Uriah. Together they lose an Apple from the Tree of Knowledge as it falls all the way down from Heaven to Earth. While looking for the Apple they enter the human world the night before Saint Nicolas’ Day with the mission to bring the Apple back. In the end our heroes discover that the true path to knowledge lies in friendship, love and the will to forgive. Angel of the Lord 2 was directed by Jiří Strach and released before Christmas in 2016.

Web (registration and information): https://ipsc.cuni.cz/IPSC-446.html 



4. 12. 2019 od 15:30 do 17:00 – First Aid Course – with students of 3rd faculty of medicine.Web (registration and information): https://ipsc.cuni.cz/IPSC-469.html


9. 12. 2019 od 17:30 do 19:00 - Guided Tour - Mystery of Old Prague, Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales Web (registration and information): https://ipsc.cuni.cz/IPSC-469.html

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