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Biochemical Society - různé cestovní granty pro zaměstnance i studenty

zejména k návštěvě konferencí, případně workshopů

1) General Travel Grants


Grants of up to £750 are available for Postgraduate, Early Career, Full or Emeritus members to assist with the cost of conference attendance.


The majority of grants awarded are between £200 and £400. However, the maximum of £750 will be available for exceptionally well-argued and well-supported cases describing high-quality research from outstanding scientists or those with recognized potential on the threshold of their careers.


Applicants must indicate through a personal statement the benefit to their careers of attending the conference. Details of other funding sought by the applicant must be provided during the application process.


Closing Dates for applications:

1 January for conferences after 1 February
1 March for conferences after 1 April
1 May for conferences after 1 June
1 June for conferences after 1 July
1 July for conferences after 1 August
1 September for conferences after 1 October
1 November for conferences after 1 December

Note: It is advisable to submit applications as early as possible. For example, applications can be submitted in time for the January deadline when the conference takes place in April.


Eligibilty criteria:


  • Applicants must have been a member for over 12 months on the closing date of the round that they apply to.
  • Applicants must not have received a travel grant from the Biochemical Society in the two years before the closing date of the round that they apply to.  Applicants that have recieved a Student Bursary, Visiting Fellowship or General Travel Grant from the Biochemical Society in the two years prior to application will not be eligible.
  • Evidence of active participation in the meeting must be provided. An abstract that has been submitted to the conference must be supplied during the application process.


Please note that if you are applying for a FEBS sponsored place you must apply through the General Travel Grants application form and NOT through the FEBS website directly. If you apply through the FEBS website your application will not be considered for one of the Biochemical Society sponsored places.







Your best benefit as a Postgraduate or Undergraduate Student Member is the opportunity to apply for a Student Bursary.


The bursary is available for you to attend a Biochemical Society Focused Meeting, Annual Symposium or a Biochemical Society- supported Independent Meeting. Please note that Student Bursaries are not available for Workshops, Careers Events and Young Life Scientist's Symposia.


Travel bursaries and full or partly sponsored free places are available for Harden Conferences. Please note that this form cannot be used to apply for a Harden Bursary, instead please follow the links for a Hardenbursary application form on the Harden Conference webpages.

Note: Members not falling into either the Undergraduate or Postgraduate Student membership categories are not eligible to apply for a Student Bursary.


The application is an easy, online process. The maximum bursary available for a Focused Meeting or Annual Symposium is £200 in the UK and £300 overseas. The maximum bursary available for one day Hot Topic Events is £100 in the UK and £150 overseas.   For an Independent Meeting sponsored by the Society the maximum bursary available is £100.

  • Students can apply for a Student Bursary if they are a member of the Society by the closing date for poster abstract submission for the particular event they wish to attend.
  • If you apply for a Student Bursary to attend a meeting you must submit a poster abstract for presentation at the meeting.
  • Students may only apply for one Student Bursary in any year.



3) Stay Connected Bursaries

The Biochemical Society is concerned about the loss of trained and committed scientists from the bioscience workforce. We are aware that returning to work in the biosciences after a break in employment or activity can present difficulties. A career break can occur for many reasons such as the need to focus on caring responsibilities, illness, unemployment or a desire to change career paths (for example switching between industry and academia). Difficulty in returning from a career break affects those across the spectrum of bioscience careers including teachers, technicians and industrial scientists.


To this end we have established our Stay Connected Bursaries programme whereby we aim to allow members to ‘stay connected’ with the latest research during a career break, where there is no other funding available. Successful applicants will receive free registration and/or free accommodation for the applicant and/or for a care provider if appropriate. Bursaries are available for a Biochemical Society Focused Meetings, Harden Conference, Hot Topic Event, Workshops and Training Days.


  • Applicants must be a member of the Biochemical Society by the early registration deadline.
  • Applications must be received by the event early registration deadline.
  • Applicants must complete a short personal statement highlighting the relevance of attending the event.
  • Applicants must provide details of any career break taken and include the reason for this (e.g. maternity/paternity leave, caring responsibilities, illness, unemployment or a desire to change career paths) and the length of the break.


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