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Undergraduate Project Scholarships - The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour - do 1. 10. 2014

  Undergraduate Project Scholarships

Aim: To enable undergraduates to undertake supervised research projects, which fall within the field of animal behaviour, defined as the sphere of interest of papers published in Animal Behaviour, lasting from 1 to 10 weeks during academic vacations under the auspices of Institutions of higher education. Undergraduates may also apply for awards for work to be carried out in the vacation immediately following graduation.

Eligibility: Awards will not be granted to support work that forms part of a degree course or participation in part of a larger project or expedition. The undergraduate applicant need not be a member of ASAB. The project should be agreed and recommended by the proposed supervisor and also the Head of Department (one of whom must be a member of ASAB). Retrospective applications will not be considered.

Award: This will consist of an amount towards subsistence for the student and an amount towards research project expenses for the Institution concerned. The amounts awarded will be calculated on the basis of a weekly rate, which is reviewed annually. The current rates are £200.00 per week towards subsistence and up to £500.00 towards research expenses.

Application date: Applications should be received by 1st February, 1st June or 1st October, by the Secretary of the Grants Committee.

Application Format: Applicants can download the application formhere. When completing the form, applicants should give a clear outline of the proposed project and, where applicable, brief references to other scientific papers or work that have bearing on the proposed investigation. Applications should be supported by the supervisor and the Head of Department.

Application submission: Applications should be saved assurnameUG.docx and submitted to the Secretary of the Grants Committee as an email attachment.


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Publikováno: Úterý 10.06.2014 12:40

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