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The Trustees are empowered by the Company's Memorandum of Association to make grants and donations (generally between £500 and £5000) to botanical scientists and organisations with a view to forwarding botanical science, to assist in relevant research, or to allow suitable individuals to attend relevant conferences, particularly where they subsequently present a paper to the journal or otherwise promote the Company’s objectives as a result of their attendance.

Applications for an Annals of Botany Grant should be prepared according to the Company’s guidelines.

Guidelines for applicants

Applications for an Annals of Botany Grant are concise and relatively informal. Please write a sentence or two in response to each of the following questions and forward the complete document by post to the Company’s Registered Office or by email to the Company Secretary and Treasurer at r.hunt@exeter.ac.uk

  • Who are you and what are your contact details?
  • For what activity or event is the funding required?
  • Why should it be the Company that supports your application?
  • What public benefit will derive from your activity or event?
  • How much is being requested, and where and how will the funding be spent?
  • By what method and when are you requesting funding to be supplied?
  • What evidence of legitimate expenditure will you ultimately be able to provide?

Annals of Botany Company 

History of the Annals of Botany Company 


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