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Konference New Wave proběhne na naší fakultě v závěru týdne

V pořadí již 9. mezinárodní konference studentů začínajících vědeckých pracovníků v geografii New Wave proběhne na naší fakultě 25. - 26. 5. Přijďte si poslechnout zajímavé hosty ze zahraničí - všichni zájemci jsou srdečně vítáni.


Mona DOMOSH 25th May, 9:30 room LR
(Dartmouth College)

“From the US South to the Global South: Practicing Development at Home”

Professor Mona Domosh is a cultural-historical geographer with research interests in four main areas: 1) exploring the cultural-historical geographies of the making of American empires; 2) examining in what ways ideas of femininity, masculinity, consumption, and "whiteness" played into the crucial shift from American nation-building to empire-building during the late 19th and early 20th centuries; 3) understanding the connections between gender, class and the cultural formation of large American cities in the 19th century, and 4) exploring feminist perspectives, theory, and methodology in relationship to matters of space and place.
Mona Domosh finished her PhD. at the Clark University and now is the professor at the Dartmouth College. She is also former President of the American Association of Geographers (2014-2015). Her publications include dozens of scientific articles and books, namely Putting Women in Place: Feminist Geographers Make Sense of the World (2001), Handbook of Cultural Geography (2002) or Contemporary Human Geography: Culture, Globalization, Landscape (2014), and others.

Bálint KÁDÁR 26th May, 8:30 room LR
(Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

“Why does planning matter? Urban tourism consumption in Budapest, Vienna and Prague”

Architect, curator and urban scholar born in 1977 in Budapest. He got an MSc in Architecture degree in 2003 with diploma prize from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where he also defended in 2015 his PhD dissertation entitled: Pedestrian space usage of tourist-historic cities – comparing the tourist space systems of Vienna and Prague to Budapest”. He is doing urban research and teaching in the BSc and MSc programmes as assistant professor at the department of Urban Planning and Design at BME. His research focuses on the spatial development of urban tourism in European cities, and on the usage of user generated digital content in urban research. He also teaches the rehabilitation of historic urban centres, tactical urbanism and participatory design.
He is activist in architectural NGOs since 2000, organising conferences, workshops and social events. Since 2014 he is president of Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK). He also runs his architecture and urban design studio, involved in works from building design to urban and tourism development concepts.


Marcel HORŇÁK 26th May, 12:30 room LR
(Comenius University Bratislava)

“Transport disadvantage: Geography Matters”

Marcel Horňák is a Slovak leading scholar on social geography targeted on geography of transport and industry. He graduated at the Faculty of Natural Science, Comenius University in Bratislava, where in 2005 he defended his doctoral thesis focused on transport development in Slovakia after 1989, with emphasis on the dynamics of the transformation processes in transport infrastructure facilities. Currently an assistant professor at the Department of Human Geography and Demography, Faculty of Natural Science Comenius University in Bratislava. His research activity is focused on the transformation processes in the society of their spatial manifestations. He also deals with issue of accessibility and mobility of the population and the topic of transport related social exclusion.


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