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Biology - Hydrobiology

Characteristics of the field

Hydrobiology is a science dealing with life in aquatic environment. Another term frequently used is limnology, which emphasizes studies of inland waters (opposite to oceanography).
Limnology can be also defined as the science that investigates the structure and function of inland waters. It is a subdiscipline of ecology. As such it deals both with the abiotic environment and the respective communities. The water bodies under study are both standing and flowing waters. i.e. lakes, reservoirs and fish ponds as man-made lakes, rivers and brooks.
The applications of limnology deal with problems of eutrophication, pollution, acidification, and fish culture.

Lectures and courses offered

Limnological methods I
Limnological methods II
Biology of freshwater invertebrates
Aquatic microbial ecology
Ecology of Cyanobacteria and Algae
Course in Algology
Genetics of populations
Molecular taxonomy

Topics of dissertations

Topics are selected according to recent research project running at the Department of Hydrobiology. At present they cover areas: Limnology of mountain lakes, Population genetics of Cladocera, Ecology and taxonomy of zooplankton.

Subject-area Board

Name Institution
Martin Černý, RNDr., CSc.
Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
Pavel Blažka, Prof. RNDr. ,CSc. JU BF České Budějovice,
Zdeněk Brandl, Doc. RNDr. ,CSc. JU BF České Budějovice,
Jan Fott, RNDr.,CSc. Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
Jan Helešic, Doc. RNDr. ,CSc. MU Brno, PřF
Vladimír Kořínek, Prof. RNDr. ,CSc. Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
Evžen Stuchlík, Doc. RNDr. ,CSc. Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
Karel Šimek, Prof. RNDr. ,CSc. AV ČR - HBÚ


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