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Recognition of Foreign Diplomas and Degrees

Recognition of education (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports)

Academic recognition is characterized by a detailed comparison of study plans, resulting in a decision regarding whether education obtained internationally is at an equivalent level to education provided in the Czech Republic.

Recognition of international higher education and qualification (validation)

Recognition of international higher education is in principle decided by public institutes of higher education, according to § 89, § 90, § 90a and § 90b  of law no. 111/1998 Coll. on institutes of higher education, and by changes and amendments of further laws (laws regarding institutes of higher education). The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports issues verification of a recognition of education only if it has been obtained in a country with which the ministry has signed a contract on the recognition of equivalence of documents (or on the recognition of documents on higher education, if appropriate) and the ministry is authorized to recognize this contract, or in cases where there exists a question of which public institute of higher education provides a content-similar study program and therefore is relevant to make a decision on recognition. If the discipline in question is military, recognition is decided according to § 95 paragraph 9 of the law on higher education of the Ministry of Defense; for disciplines of security agencies, decisions on recognition fall to the Ministry of the Interior.


Effective from January 1, 2017, all requests for recognition of foreign university education addressed to Charles University shall be submitted to the following address only:

Rectorate of Charles University
Ovocný trh 5/560
116 36 Praha


More information
Annexes to the application

For validation, the Natural Sciences Faculty of Charles University in Prague requires appendices, because it is obliged according to § 89 paragraph 3 of the law on higher education (as amended): “Public institutes of higher education issue verification on the basis of knowledge regarding the quality of the international institute of higher education or on the basis of the extent of knowledge and proficiency of the recognition of the schools qualifications.” The Natural Sciences Faculty of Charles University in Prague is therefore required to obtain relevant information on the quality of international schools as a necessary foundation for its decision.

The requirement for submitting appendices is further a result of § 90 paragraph 2 “The basis for recognition is an original or officially certified copy of a diploma, school transcript or similar document issued by the international institute of higher education, or if appropriate an original or officially certified copy of amendment to the diploma and supplemental information attesting that the study program was given by an institution authorized to provide education comparable to higher education according to this law, and on the contents of international higher education study. In cases where necessary, officially certified translations of these documents should be included.” Therefore, in accordance with these laws, the Natural Sciences Faculty of Charles University in Prague specifies the requirements for this supplemental information (in addition to the diploma thesis and its reviews), which are the basis for issuing a decision in accordance with the laws on higher education.

Appendices to the application

  1. The respective certified copy of the diploma or adequate document issued by the international institute of higher education
  2. The respective certified copy of the transcript of examinations performed or amendments to the diploma.
  3. Certified translations of both documents into the Czech language
  4. Statement on the purpose of submitting the application for validation
  5. Statement on the subjects passes including (a) method and results of completion, (b) hourly extent = total number of hours devoted to the subject, (c) credits received (for universities participation in the ECTS credit system).
  6. Statement on the subjects of final state examinations, including the results obtained and the overall evaluation. If defense of a diploma thesis was a part of the final state examinations, include the hourly allocation for completion of the thesis.
  7. Documentation of the extent, subject and character of the final (diploma) thesis. For validation of Magisterial titles in particular, it is necessary that it is evident from this documentation that the applicant defended the final thesis, to what extent, and of what theme. It is crucial that it be evident from this documentation that it is regarding a thesis of scientific character to an extent at least on the order of comparable theses at Charles University in Prague. If the title of the thesis is not sufficiently informative and the accompanying materials do not contain any further specifics, it is necessary that the applicant supply at least an abstract of the thesis and credible information about its extent, for instance relevant reviews. A copy of the thesis may be submitted.
  8. For applicants of validation of pedagogic education, account for the extent of the pedagogic practice undertaken.


Considered by the dean’s board of the Faculty of Science.

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