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Organic Chemistry


Characteristics of the field

Organic chemistry deals with isolation, synthesis, and determination of the structure of organic compounds and with study of relationship between the structure and properties of organic substances by help of physical and chemical methods.

Departmental information

Courses and seminars on the Department of Organic and Nuclear Chemistry

  • Physical Organic Chemistry I (MC270P03)
  • Spectroscopic Methods NMR I (MC270P06B)
  • NMR spectroscopy of organic compounds (MC270P09)
  • Advanced NMR methods (MC270P08A)
  • Organic Synthesis I (MC270P13A)
  • Organic Synthesis II (MC270P13B)
  • Computational chemistry for experimentalists (MC270P16)
  • Seminar on Advanced Organic Chemistry I (MC270P20)
  • Seminar on Advanced Organic Chemistry II (MC270P73)
  • Chemistry of the Pharmaceuticals (MC270P22)
  • Mechanisms of Organic Reactions (MC270P31)
  • Supramolecular Chemistry (MC270P69)
  • Modern methods in organic synthesis (MC270P74)
  • Fundamantals of molecular spectroscopy (MC270P77)

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