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Biomedicine Study Programmes

Accredited institutions certified in Microbiology PhD education: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Natural Sciences ( FSci CHU) Institute of Microbiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Characterization of the studies

Studies are focused on the knowledge of the biological processes occured in the microorganisms at the molecular, cellular and ecosystems level of organizations. Graduates are accomplished in the skill of independent research and scientific work in microbiology.

Lectures, courses, seminars

  • Advances in microbiology, 19.10.2006, IM AS CR, one-day course of lectures.
    Detail information: gabriel@biomed.cas.cz; Phone 296 442 231
  • Medical Microbiology, Medical Faculty 1., CHU, WS
    Detail information: jaroslav.julak@lf1.cuni.cz
  • Medical Microbiology, Medical Fakulty 3., CHU, WS
    Detail information: bednarm@cbox.cz
  • Physiology of bacteria FSi, CHU
  • Advances in Bacteriology FSci, CHU
    Detail information: jarsvob@natur.cuni.cz

Research projects in microbiology

  • regulation of molecular biology studies of the lincosamide antibiotics
  • genetics and screenigns of the industrial microorganisms
  • regulation of the protein synthesis elongation factor EF-Tu and spore germination in Streptomycetes
  • mechanisms of macrolide family antibiotics (MLS) resistance in enterobacteria and mycobacteria
  • gene manipulations in coryneform bacteria producing amino acids and in rhodococci degrading xenobiotics
  • gnetic analysis of bacteria degrading xenobiotics; assesment and prediction of natural attenuation processes in contaminated soil and groundwater.
  • sructure-function relationships underlying the molecular mechanisms of membrane penetration and action of bacterial protein toxins
  • use of bacterial protein toxins as immunogenes and vectors for delivery of foreign antigens and introduction of specific immune responses
  • role of the bacterial membrane in adaptation and signalization under the environmental stress condition

Subject-area Board

The subject-area board is available in Czech (Oborová rada). The Chairman is highlighted.

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