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Soil Fauna Can Support Both Litter Decomposition And Soil Organic Matter Accumulation
Science Trends, JANUARY 18, 2019
Čerpání dotací na inovace v Česku – kde a kdo
Strukturální fondy Evropské unie (EU) jsou jedním z často omílaných témat i v mainstreamových médiích. Jsou nástrojem regionálního rozvoje, ale bohužel i ...
Popular Science: The work of anthropologists in commercial archaeology
While excavating human remains in commercial archaeology, anthropologists are often limited by financial and time constraints and the collection of meaningful ...
Popular Science: Stories of Ukrainian migrants
They are the biggest group of foreigners in Czechia. But do we know their fates? Family and relationships with their homeland are factors that form the ...
Popular Science: Community Gardens in Prague
In the cities of North America and Western Europe, community gardens have been developing for more than a hundred years. Previously, allotment gardening had ...
Popular Science: The phenomenon of farmers’ shops in Czechia
What are the reasons of the recent expansion of farmers’ shops in the Czech Republic? Are all the goods sold there from Czechia? What are the problems faced by ...
Popular Science: Leishmanias under microscope
Leishmania are single-celled protozoa not very well known in our country. In southern latitudes, however, it is a feared parasite that annually takes the lives ...
Popular Science: How old is too old? Ideal age of parents according to children
What should be the ideal age of parents at childbirth? Many people deal with the question by starting a family, a team of scientists affiliated to the ...
Popular Science: Does our immune system have the ability to fight off obesity?
Human adenoviruses are common pathogens that cause mild gastrointestinal, ocular or respiratory symptoms. Infections are commonly observed in young children. ...
Popular Science: Ageing is more pronounced in male face than in women
Ageing or senescence is a natural part of our lives, even though we often try to hide it. First senescence changes start to manifest on the human face as early ...
Popular Science: Do you want to be more attractive to delicate female noses? Take a dose of garlic!
Garlic is one of the favourite ingredients in within Euro-Asian cuisines, giving food a special pungent, spicy flavor and a bit of sweetness. It is a product ...
Popular Science: Even partial river restoration can help
Now and in the past, humans mainly try to control river bodies by straightening and fortifying river channels. River network modifications can result in ...
Popular Science: Armed plant pathogens
Since plants are sessile organisms, it may seem that they are very vulnerable to pathogens and diseases. This could not be further from the truth! All plant ...
Popular Science: What influences the geography of gay places and how?
Michal Pitoňák, a PhD student from the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague is ...
Popular Science: Tree-rings – a live chronicle of forest management
While watching nature programmes on TV we can often see documentaries about tropical seas and rainforests. Now, however, we are going to search an environment ...
Popular Science: From mining landscape to natural forest
A large portion of deposits of mineral and energy resources is located in the forests. Before mining, stripping the surface is necessary. But this means a loss ...
Popular Science: Painting with a surprise
It is good luck when an old and unrestored painting is acquired for pigment analysis, and even more so when there is a surprise in it. A group of chemists and ...
Popular Science: A way to discover the true species diversity of single-celled organisms?
What is the true diversity of organisms on our planet? That is the question that keeps many scientists awake at night. Interestingly, until now many more ...
Popular Science: Do we know how newly introduced cultural crops are influencing the soil?
Soil is an important provider of ecosystem services, among the most important of which include the possibility of food production and the mitigation of climate ...
Popular Science: Immigrants - Where are they heading in the USA and Australia and how will it be in the future?
Nowadays Europe, the old continent, is talking about a huge wave of immigrants and their distribution to the individual countries. The authors analysed the ...
Popular Science: Impressions from an Expedition to Azerbajjan
I have had the opportunity to join an expedition of researchers from departments of zoology and parasitology of our faculty to Azerbaijan at the end of the ...
Popular Science: Who decides on the economy? The role of the state and multinational organizations in the automotive industry in Slovakia
Slovakia has been experiencing economic growth in recent years. One of the causes is the rapid development of the automotive industry. It is not easy to say if ...
Popular Science: Will we lose the views in the Giant Mountains and Jeseníky Mountains?
The highest mountains in the Czech Republic have a lot of views of the Czech basin as well as to the Polish lowlands. This is thanks to the timberline which we ...
Popular Science: Man and nature are connected vessels
All of us are aware that humankind tries to preserve cultural heritage. However, how can geomorphologists contribute? Every significant site and building is ...
Popular Science: Transformations of mining areas
The landscape in northwest Bohemia has been heavily modified by man. We can see rapid development, mainly in the strip mining of brown coal. Scientists from ...
Popular Science: The Jatunraju Glacier – lying and waiting?
Geomorphologists Adam Emmer and Vít Vilímek from the Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology have long been interested in the mountainous Cordillera ...
Popular Science: North Atlantic Oscillation: What is its influence on weather?
In his recent article Radan Huth from the Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology analysed the relationship between solar activity and the North ...
Popular Science: Erratic boulders – witnesses of the past
Scientists from our Faculty are also working at the edge of the ice continent. Thanks to the facilities of Masaryk University’s Mendel Antarctic station on ...
Popular Science: Are seagrasses capable of mycorrhiza?
Seagrasses are a special group of plants which shifted back from land to below the sea surface about 100 million years ago. Although their 50-70 species ...
Popular Science: What all does solar activity cause?
The Sun is the most important source of energy for the Earth. That is clear. How else does the Sun affect the Earth? Radan Huth, a Climatologist from the ...