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Research Groups

List of Research Groups at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague.

Biology Section

Chemistry Section

Geography Section

Geology Section

Faculty-Wide Institutions

Some groups have prepared presentation cards.

Biology Section

Department of Anthropology and Human Genetics

  • Laboratory of 3D Visualization and Analytical Methods; presentation card - Jana Velemínská
  • Bone tissue anthropological laboratory - Vladimír Sládek
  • Laboratory of Molecular Anthropology - Pavlína Daňková

Department of Botany

  • Phycology Research Group (external web); presentation card - Pavel Škaloud
  • Laboratory of Flow Cytometry - Jan Suda
  • Silica-scaled chrysophytes of Europe (external web) - Pavel Škaloud
  • Ecology of meadows - Zdeněk Janovský
  • Evolution and diversity of land plants - Tomáš Fér, Jan Suda
  • Plant ecology - Tomáš Herben
  • Lichenology research group - David Svoboda
  • Mycology research group; presentation card - Ondřej Koukol
  • Paleoecology; presentation card - Petr Kuneš

Department of Cell Biology

Department of Ecology

  • Algae and Cyanobacteria from Extreme Environments; presentation card - Linda Nedbalová
  • Astacollogy - Adam Petrusek
  • Cryosphere Ecology (external web) - Marek Stibal
  • Songbird Bioacoustics - Tereza Petrusková
  • Gecko Team - Reproductive Biology of Reptiles - Lukáš Kratochvíl - cooperation with the Department of Zoology

Department of Experimental Plant Biology

Department of Physiology

  • Group of bioenergetics and mucsle physiology - Jitka Žurmanová
  • Group of physiological adaptations and biorythms - Stanislav Vybíral
  • Group of epithelial physiology and transport processes - Jiří Pácha
  • Group of membrane receptors and cell signaling - Jiří Novotný
  • Group of neurobiology of behavior and memory - Zdeňka Bendová

Department of Genetics and Microbiology

  • Laboratory of Biology of Yeast Colonies (external web); presentation card - Zdena Palková
  • Laboratory of Arachnid Cytogenetics - Jiří Král
  • Laboratory of Bacterial Physiology (external web) - Ivo Konopásek
  • Laboratory of Bacterial Genetics - Irena Lichá
  • Laboratory of Plant Genetics - Dana Holá
  • Laboratory of Virology (external web) - Jitka Forstová
  • Laboratory of RNA Biochemistry (external web) - Martin Pospíšek

Department of Parasitology

  • Avian parasites study group (external web) - Milena Svobodová
  • Laboratory of Helminthology (external web) - Petr Horák
  • Laboratory for Vector Biology - Petr Volf
  • Laboratory of Evolutionary Protistology (external web) - Vladimír Hampl
  • Laboratory for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of Parasitic Protists (external web) - Jan Tachezy
  • Laboratory of Protein Transport and Organelle Biogenesis - Pavel Doležal
  • Laboratory of Uptake and Intracellular Metabolism of Metals (external web) - Róbert Šuťák

Department of Zoology

  • Antipredatory mechanisms of prey and behaviour of predators - Alice Exnerová, Pavel Štys
  • Biology of arachnids - František Šťáhlavský, Jaroslav Smrž
  • Ethology and Sociobiology - Daniel Frynta
  • Human Ethology (external web) - Jan Havlíček
  • Evolution of the Insects (external web) - Jakub Prokop
  • Evolutionary biogeography of mammals - Ivan Horáček
  • The Avian Evolutionary Ecology Group (external web) - Tomáš Albrecht, Veronika Javůrková
  • Integrative evolutionary biology of vertebrates - Pavel Hulva
  • Classic vertebratology - Vladimír Vohralík, Miroslav Švátora
  • Laboratory of diversity and evolution of anaerobic protists (external web) - Ivan Čepička
  • Laboratory for Evolutionary and Ecological Immunology (external web); presentation card - Michal Vinkler
  • Laboratory of Genetics of behavior (external web) - Pavel Stopka
  • Laboratory of sensory neurobiology and evolutionary - Pavel Němec
  • Laboratory for the study of craniofacial evolution & development (external web) - Robert Černý
  • Malacology - Lucie Juřičková
  • Neuroethology - Tereza Nekovářová
  • Population and evolutionary genetics (external web) - Pavel Munclinger, Radka Reifová


Chemistry Section

Department of Analytical Chemistry

Department of Inorganic Chemistry

Department of Biochemistry

Department of Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry

  • Biophysical Chemistry (external web) - Tomáš Obšil
  • Charles University Centre of Advanced Materials - CUCAM (external web) - Russell Morris, Petr Nachtigall
  • Electromigration Separation Processes (external web) - Bohuslav Gaš
  • Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (external web) - Blanka Vlčková
  • Soft Matter (external web) - Karel Procházka
  • Specialty Polymers - Jiří Vohlídal
  • (Nano)Materials modeling - Petr Nachtigall

Department of Organic Chemistry

Service Center

  • Nuclear magnetic resonance - Zdeněk Tošner


Geography Section

Department of Applied Geoinformatics and Cartography

  • Research group for airborne laser scanning - Markéta Potůčková
  • Research group for land use and land cover assessment from satellite imagery - Přemysl Štych, Lucie Kupková
  • Research team of laboratory and image spectroscopy - Lucie Kupková

Department of Demography and Geodemography

  • Research centre of demography - Jitka Rychtaříková

Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology

Department of Social Geography and Regional Development


Geology Section

Institute of Geology and Paleontology

  • Continental Tectonic Group (external web); presentation card - Jiří Žák
  • Paleontology Group - Martin Košťák
  • Sedimentary Geology Group - Stanislav Opluštil

Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Mineral Resources

Institute of Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology and Applied Geophysics

Institute of Petrology and Structural Geology


Faculty-Wide Institutions

Institute for Environmental Studies

If you are a member of a group that is listed here with incorrect information or is missing, please fill in this form or contact the webmaster.

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