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Václav Havel Scholarship

The Václav Havel Scholarship is intended exclusively for foreign students for whom the repression of totalitarian, authoritarian, or other unfree regimes anywhere in the world makes it impossible of significantly more difficult to study.

Eligible applicants must come from countries where humanitarian organizations believe that freedom and human rights are violated and where discriminatory measures are applied in accessing education. Moreover, the scholarship can be awarded to a student who has been admitted and enrolled to study at a faculty of Charles University.

The application for the Václav Havel Scholarship can be found here. It must be accompanied by all the necessary documents in accordance with the Rector’s Directive (Article 3, points 6 and 7). By e-mail, all the documents should be sent to the contact person mentioned at the end of this article.

A complete printed application for the Václav Havel Scholarship, including all the necessary attachments, is submitted by the Dead or the Vice-Dean (designated by the Dean) by either March 31st, or October 31st. Afterwards, they are delivered to the Rector’s office of the Charles University to the hands of the Chair of the Council.

Required persecution documents can be in English. In case of other foreign languages, a certified translation into Czech must be provided.

As part of the preparation for studying in the Czech language, it is possible to apply for a living allowance.

The Václav Havel Scholarship is regulated by Rector’s Directive no. 24/2022 (effective from June 1st, 2022) where you can also find more detailed information.

Members of the Board:

prof. Markéta Křížová, Ph.D.     –⁠ Vice-Rector for Foreign Affairs, Chair of the Board
prof. PhDr. Lenka Rovná, CSc.  –⁠  Member of the 4EU+ Board
Mgr. Vratislav Kozák                   –⁠  Head of the Department of Foreign Relations 



The Rector's Office of Charles University has decided to cancel the spring and autumn terms for applications for the Václav Havel Scholarship for 2024.

The payment of current scholarship holders is and will be maintained.


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