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Turnitin is a system for detecting and preventing plagiarism and increasing the quality of academic work

For checking the final thesis before inserting them to the SIS system, there is available a course that is set up to exclude unwanted uploads to repository. So your final thesis don´t get a 100% match.


On the website https://library.cuni.cz/services/turnitin/ click the button Turnitin

Please sign in to the CAS system, which allows access to all university applications.
The username and password are the same as for SIS.


In the menu (black stripe up on the right) you can choose your language.


Sign up to the course – up on the left (next to the button "All Classes") you will find a button "Enroll in a Class".

A login window will appear.

You should sign to the course with the ID number 29653453. Enrollment key is 3112.

In the list you will find "PhD Students – check thesis", that you can choose.

Upload and checking of the work

Under the course is only one task named "check", where you can upload your final thesis.
In the detail of the task there is a blue button on the right labelled "Submit".

After clicking on "Submit" a form will appear.

Fill it with this information:

  • name and surname are filled automatically

  • the name of thesis

  • choose place from which you want to upload your file (from PC, Dropbox or Google disc)

  • You could also copy the text from your file (for example: it is bigger than 100MB limit). You should click on the text that is right next to the "Submit:" (the default option is "Single file upload") to go to the modified form with a text box to paste.

After you choose the file, click on the "Upload" button. After uploading, the system will ask you again if you really want to upload this file, so you should click on the "Confirm" button to finish uplading.

The file is uploaded after confirming. System will send you an email with information about uploading the file.

Now you can check your uploaded file for similarity in the course. It takes some time, depending on the size and properties of the file, so similarity information may not appear immediately.

The column "Similarity" shows the match. Blue means that there is zero match, green is low match, orange notices and red is warning.

To see the details, click on the colored rectangle (which shows the match number) or you can click on the "View" button.

The Feedback studio

The Feedback studio will appear and in the red rectangle you can see a percent match. If you click on it a "Match Overview" will appear.

The match overview will appear in the right column and the text of final thesis on the left side of the window.

The system will show you what the file matches.


After that you can submit your final thesis to the Turnitin and the system will check it again.

Don’t forget that this course is only for helping you with writing your final thesis. After uploading your final thesis to the system there will be a completely new inspection of your work. The protocol is then available to the supervisor. The supervisor decides if your final thesis is or is not plagiarism. And because the supervisors are experts in the field, they will find out if there is paraphrase (reformulation of the taken text), so don´t forget to quote.



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