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BIOCEV: The course on Micro-/Nanofluidics

We cordially invite you on the course on Micro-/Nanofluidics that will be held on-line on April 20th and April 27th, 2021 by prof. Jeroen Lammertyn, a top researcher in nanobiotechnology and full professor of Catholic University of Leuven.

Although for biologists microfluidic may sound too technically and not many people here can imagine what is behind, you will see that it is extremely useful tool to study biochemistry, physiological processes, protein interactions in microvolumes, which mimics much better than conventional approaches the physiological conditions within the single cell. It is an amazing futuristic approach of top science.

In this course on Micro- and Nanofluidics the students get an introduction to the design and fabrication of total micro-analysis systems (µTAS), biological micro-electromechanical systems (BioMEMS), and lab-on-a-chips (LOC) with a special emphasis on fluid manipulation (digital versus continuous, pressure drives versus electrokinetically), integration of detection principles and integration of biomolecular assays on the chip.

In the connected seminars topics like self-powered microfluidics, organ-on-a-chip technology, microfluidics for single cell analysis and 3D printed microfluidics are covered.

The course is supported by the project MICOBION.

For more information and registration, please visit the BIOCEV website HERE

Published: Apr 12, 2021 10:40 PM

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