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Coronavirus: Information for students and staff of the Faculty of Science, Charles University

Faculty of Science, Charles University on the issue of coronavirus spread and measures resulting from it. Informations are presented here in chronological order.

 March 30th 2020, 15:58,  Meeting of the Task Force of the Faculty of Science at Charles University


At its meeting on 30.3.2020, the Task Force of the Faculty of Science at Charles University adopted the following resolutions and measures:

1) Participation by workers at the faculty in diagnostics of COVID-19 in Biocev

  • Employees who will be involved in diagnostics of COVID-19 above the framework of their workload will work on the basis of special agreements to complete a job which are concluded; certain workers will be awarded a premium for work in an infectious environment. In line with practice in the Faculty of Science, the description of work included within the framework of the agreement to complete a job must be different to that included in the employee’s job description and the standpoint of the head of the respective workplace must be provided.
  • Medical examination of these workers will, in line with Government Decree No. 84/2020 Coll., be resolved in the form of an affidavit.   
  • The faculties of Charles University which are involved in diagnostics of COVID-19 in Biocev (Faculty of Science and 1st Faculty of Medicine) will jointly request reimbursement of costs incurred from the state.


2) Aid for the fight against the coronavirus

  • On the basis of the first offer of financial aid for the faculty for activities relating to the fight against COVID-19, a separate account has been opened to which any deposits which may be made by potential donors can be directed.
  • Information will be posted on the website about the possibility of supporting the Faculty of Science at Charles University as a sponsor with definition of the scope of activities (diagnostics of COVID-19) which any contributions by sponsors will be used to support.


3) Records of COVID positive employees and students

  • Employees on whom quarantine has been imposed and COVID positive employees are obliged to report this fact to the HR Department.
  • Students on whom quarantine has been imposed and COVID positive students are obliged to report this fact to an office in the Study Department.
  • The above-mentioned information about employees and students is confidential in nature and will be handled subject to the appropriate personal data protection regime. 


4) Distribution of disinfectant agents

  • The sphere of clients which use disinfectants prepared in the chemistry section is gradually expanding to include other social care facilities.
  • Disinfectant agents are also used in the faculty. However, in view of the limited capacity, these are not intended for use outside of the faculty.   


5) Overview of distance learning tools

  • CIT has elaborated an overview of tools available to support e-learning, including evaluation of experience with their use at the Faculty of Science which will subsequently be available as a methodological aid for the faculty community.

March 25th, 2020, 13:07 - Updated information about the organisation of the studies

Dear colleagues, dear students, 

after the meeting of the faculty crisis committee and the meetings of the rector’s board and dean’s board in relation to the current exceptional situation, we are sending you updated information on changes in the organisation of the studies in the summer semestre. The following measures can be modified according to the situation. We will inform you about all the changes in time. We also recommend you to follow the university and faculty websites: 



We believe that we can overcome the situation together. We would like to ensure you that we and the department of study affairs are ready to solve any specific situations that may occur to you in relation to the emergency measures. 

We thank you for your cooperation and we wish you especially good health, happiness and virus-less days! 

Best regards


Markéta Martínková a Pavel Chromý

Vice-Deans for Study Affairs


The Admission Procedure

The dates announced do not change for the moment. The applicants will receive an invitation stating that the dates are subject to change because of the current situation. The same information will be published on the faculty website. 


The organisation of the Studies at the Faculty of Science

The adjustment of the academic calendar 2019/2020 as announced in the Dean’s Measure will be done following a new measure issued by the Dean. 

To complete the courses, students have to follow instructions of their teachers. Such information is published in SIS (in course details) or sent via SIS. Direct teaching has been cancelled, but the classes continue in different forms (mostly via the internet). 

Recommendation: In SIS, it is necessary to provide instructions, but it is better to share study materials (especially big files, videos, audios, etc.) via Moodle, Google Drive, etc. Otherwise, SIS could collapse. 

When solving problems with not fulfilling study requirements, it will be probably taken into account whether the problem arose due to the emergency measures or due to student’s negligence (not following teacher’s instructions). 

The dates of controlling the study requirements (exam, course credits) and other dates will be adjusted after the emergency measures are finished (according to the situation). Students’ demands will be then assessed in line with these changes. 


Classes and courses in the summer semestre 2019/2020

The teaching period will be prolonged to June 30, 2020. The month of June will be used especially for work in the labs, practical tasks, courses and excursions. Current classes will not be taken again. The above mentioned courses can be, in case of capacity problems, scheduled also for July and September (the latest date is September 24, 2020). The courses are not cancelled. If needed, the teachers are recommended to (for instance) reduce the number of days of these courses and use alternative methods of distant teaching, self study or other solutions specific to each field. All the solutions should take into account the specific needs of the students and to provide them with the possibility to acquire at least minimal practical skills. Priority should be given to students who need to finish these courses in order to proceed to final exams, especially those who are about to submit their thesis in spring. 


Booking rooms via SIS: 

In accordance with the prolonging of the state of emergency, the schedule in SIS is blocked in the current state until June 30 in order to allow the classes to be finished. All the existing reservations have been kept. New reservations cannot be made. After the course credit week, the priority will be given to intensive courses, final exams, admission exams etc. Existing reservations that are not related to the studies will probably not be taken into account. Further changes will be announced according to the situation. 


Exam and exam period

Exams and other requirements can be done using distant methods. It is also possible to make exam dates for courses from the winter semestre 2019/2020. The summer exam period will be prolonged. It will be possible to have exams dates also in July and August, i.e. from July 1 to September 24, 2020. 


State final examinations and thesis defenses 

The dates (periods) of exams announced have not been changed for now. Changes that may occur in relation to the development of the situation and new dates will be announced after consultation with guarantors of study programmes at least one month in advance. The exact date will be announced at least one week before the exam. 

Students need to register for the final examinations and thesis defense via SIS regardless of the emergency situation. Electronic versions of theses are submitted via SIS (upload and confirm the submission). The system of the hard copy submission will be adjusted if needed (for instance, it is not possible to have a thesis printed and bound now).  

The rectorate of Charles University is working on changes of the procedures in case it is necessary to take the final examinations in a distant way (which is currently not possible). 

The period for final examinations in September will be decided by the programme guarantors by the deadline given (according to the academic calendar 2019/2020). 


Teaching practice of students 

For the students who have to take their practical teaching in the summer semestre 2019/2020, it will be taken into account whether they have provided any voluntary professional assistance at elementary schools and high schools (e.g. helping with distant methods of teaching). The evaluation of the practice is done by the teachers at the pedagogical departments and it needs to be done so the students can proceed to their final exams. 

Students of the courses of teaching practice will get information that they can offer their help to schools where they started their practice before the emergency measures. At the same time, teachers cooperating with the faculty will get information that they can ask for help of the students of pedagogy at the Faculty of Science. The coordination and communication in this regard is provided by the Department of Study Affairs (Jakub Jelen) after consultation with the teachers of pedagogy. 


Physical Education:

Physical education is organised by the Department of Physical Education which organises also the possibilities of fulfilling the requirements, also for the winter semestre. Summer courses are in preparation. 

Recommendation: Follow the information on the website of  the Department of Physical Education. Any problems should be discussed with the Head of the Department, Lukáš Frantál. 


State doctoral examinations and dissertation defenses

  • Doctoral exams and defenses are cancelled until the end of the emergency measures in April. New dates will be decided after the emergency measures are over or in the context of legal changes (distant form). 

  • The exam dates and defenses planned for May and June are not cancelled for now. New dates will be decided after the publication of rector’s measure and dean’s measure and after discussion of the guarantors, heads of committees and the vice-dean. 

  • Procedures started (applications submitted, committees prepared) are still on and the exams/defenses will be done when the emergency measures are over. 

  • Applications for the exams have to be sent electronically to the Department of Study Affairs. After these are received, the members of the department turn to the guarantors to decide on committees and dates. The dates should be in June, July or later. 

  • The Department of Study Affairs is accepting applications for thesis defenses, in the following ways: 

  • electronically by e-mail and by submitting the thesis in SIS (The electronic version must be identical to the hard copy therefore we do not have to worry that the hard copy brought later would be finished after the electronic submission.)

  • Upon making an appointment (by e-mail preferably), students can also submit their thesis in person. If it is not possible to bind the thesis (shops are closed), the hard copy shall be submitted at least 5 days prior to the defense, or in case of prolonged measures, prior to the graduation. 

If everything is alright (the requirements are completed, all the documents are handed in - scanned documents are accepted as well as e-mail correspondence, originals are substituted by electronic versions), the procedure is initiated and the defense date will be then decided upon common agreement and in advance. 



The bachelor and master graduations planned for April 24 2020 have been cancelled. A new date will be decided only after the emergency measures are over (it can be also in August). The making of diplomas is not interrupted as their are needed by the graduates. The faculties will get the diplomas and the supplements. If necessary, students can make an appointment by e-mail at the Department of Student Affairs and get their diplomas (without having to go to the Rectorate). Students will be entitled to come to the graduation even if they pick up their diploma in advance.



March 16th, 1:36 pm - Charles University Rector’s Proclamation 

Dear Colleagues,

in connection with Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic no. 215/2020 Coll., dated 15 March 2020, on the adoption of crisis measures prohibiting the free movement of people on the territory of the Czech Republic, I inform you of the following:

Basic information

All teaching activity is permitted by remote means only. With effect from 16.00 (4 p.m.) on 16 March 2020 until 24 March 2020 inclusive (or until the revocation of the crisis measures stated above), I hereby prohibit any form of individual tuition, including the holding of individual consultation, and individual tests and state exams (including rigorous and doctoral exams).

With effect from 14.00 (2 p.m.) on 16 March 2020, the deans of CU faculties and directors of CU institutes must facilitate home office (“H/O”) for all employees to the maximum possible extent. At the same time it is necessary to ensure the uninterrupted meeting of work obligations and the performance of essential tasks for the operation of Charles University.

Opening hours of relevant workplaces (in particular study departments) must be secured to the extent of no more than 3 hours per day for two days per week. During the notified working hours, the greatest possible number of tasks must be resolved through remote communication; in individual cases it shall be possible to arrange contact (personal) meetings depending on the issue at hand.

With effect from 0.00 (midnight) on 17 March 2020 all CU buildings shall be closed and access shall be granted only to employees and students under conditions set by the dean of the relevant faculty of director of the CU constituent part with respect to ensuring the performance of tasks essential to the operation of CU. The continuity of science and research work (laboratory work, care for laboratory animals etc.) in particular must be ensured. With respect to the continuation of work at individual workplaces, I call on all employees to respect the increased hygiene requirements and to behave responsibly both to those around them and to themselves.

International students and employees

The instructions contained in my memorandum of 13 March 2020 remain in force. The arrival of students from abroad, or international students, if they are permitted to enter the Czech Republic, shall be dealt with on an individual basis. International students should contact the representative offices of their own countries for a possible exemption from travel bans.

Student residences

Student residences shall continue to operate.

I again call on all students in accommodation at residences to not gather, to comply with strict hygiene rules, and to behave in a responsible manner both to themselves and to others. While I realise that the situation faced by students in residences will be complicated in the next few days, I believe that calm, conscious behaviour shall help us to manage the situation together.

In the event that quarantine measures are adopted in rooms or parts of residences, those who are in quarantine must strictly comply with all measures introduced and all conditions of quarantine.


With effect from 17 March 2020 only the Kajetánka Refectory shall be in operation (offer cooked food).

Food shall be delivered to the following dispensing points:

·         Albertov

·         Sport

·         HTF

·         Jinonice

·         Hvězda

·         U Rotlevů

The Snídárna at the Komenského Student Residence shall remain in operation.

Discussions on continuing the operation of refectories and dispensing points in Pilsen and Hradec Králové are ongoing.

Operation in all buffets shall cease.

The number of meals dispensed shall be assessed on Wednesday and further reduction may be adopted.

UK Point, Centrum Carolina advisory centre, Hostivař sport complex and training centres

UK Point, the Centrum Carolina advisory centre, the Hostivař sport centre and training centres are closed.

Card dispensing points

Card dispensing points shall be closed with effect from 14.00 (2 p.m.) on 16 March 2020.

Online support shall remain in operation.

Should you have any issues concerning your password, please follow the instructions on the following website:


To contact our on-line support office, click on the link “Resolve problem with Central Authentication Service” in the “Information and instructions” section.

You can also invalidate or renew your pass after logging in at Whois.cuni.cz:


CU Rectorate

With effect from 14.00 (2 p.m.) on 16 March 2020, employees of the CU Rectorate shall transfer to H/O. Continued operation of the CU Rectorate shall be ensured through available means of remote communication (online, telephone). Selected land lines shall be redirected to the mobile telephones of contact employees of the CU Rectorate.

A list of redirected land lines for individual departments will be sent out separately tomorrow and will be displayed on the CU website.

In the event of doubt over the interpretation of the measures adopted, please contact the CU crisis team by e-mail at krizovytym@cuni.cz.

We shall take any further measures required according to the current development of the situation. We shall immediately inform you of such measures.

I would like to ask that you cooperate with the measures adopted, and maintain a calm, rational attitude.

Kind regards,

March 16th, 13:00 - Resolution of the Task Force of the Faculty of Science at Charles University of 16.3.2020

At its meeting on 16.3.2010, the Task Force of the Faculty of Science at Charles University adopted the following resolution:

1. The Task Force recommends that all employees of the faculty, in particular those aged 60 or over, work from home subject to agreement with the heads of the respective workplaces and in compliance with recommendation by the Government of the Czech Republic.

2.Heads of institutes and departments in the faculty shall ensure emergency operation at their workplaces, this also including working from home according to requirement.

3. The Dean’s Office departments shall ensure processing of any documents received via the post room (8 a.m. until 11 a.m.) or electronically. Office working hours at the individual departments are cancelled until further notice on preventative grounds (personal contact is undesirable at present).

4. Up-to-date information in English is available for foreign students and employees on the website of the Rectorate of Charles University including links to continuously updated sources (Government of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.): https://cuni.cz/UKEN-379.html?news=9601&locale=en.

5. Faculty buildings shall be closed until further notice to ensure control of entry by third parties. Entry to buildings will from now on only be possible via the smart chip system. Entry to faculty buildings by third parties without the presence of/without being accompanied by a faculty employee is prohibited.

6. Faculty management recommends using individual means of transport to travel to the faculty and would also like to inform employees that free parking in blue zones is now possible on a temporary basis. Faculty parking spaces will be operating without any restriction.

7. Whilst meeting their study obligations, students shall follow the instructions of the tutors which the teaching staff publishes or sends regarding individual subjects via SIS. Direct tuition has been cancelled, but tuition will be taking place in other ways (most often over the internet, etc.).

While resolving problems with failure to meet study obligations, consideration will probably be made as to whether the problem related to the impact of a force majeure (obstacles arising from any emergency measures imposed), or whether the reason for this was negligence on the part of the student (conduct at variance with the instructions of the teaching staff).

Deadlines for checks on meeting of study obligations (credits and examinations) as well as other deadlines shall be modified according to the situation after the emergency measures have been lifted and requests by students will be then judged in line with these changes.

8. Selected lecture rooms in each section will be modified for holding of lectures by YouTube to ensure the option of holding lectures with a large number of students and to ensure high-quality transmission. At this moment in time, the Levá rýsovna and Z1 lecture rooms in the Albertov 6 building have been modified to suit these requirements. Notification about provision of access to lecture rooms in the biology and chemistry sections will subsequently also be provided to teaching staff. It is recommended that lectures be given online via the Meet application or via Skype according to the valid timetable. Instructions for use of remote tools are available on the faculty website. (If records are made of lectures, the faculty shall support further use of materials for accreditation of distance learning courses once the emergency measures have been lifted.)

9. Scholarships shall be paid on the determined dates and students shall sign the necessary declarations once the emergency measures have been lifted. In the event of late submission of appeal against a decision on awarding of a scholarship, the issue of waiving missing of the deadline for submission of appeal shall be resolved in favour of the student.

10. Faculty management shall initiate deferral of the deadline for submission of proposals for Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) projects via a representative of Charles University in Research, Development and Innovation Council.


Prague, 16.3.2020                                                                    prof. RNDr. Jiří Zima, CSc.,                                                                                                                        dean


March 13th, 7:36 pm - Charles University Rector’s Proclamation (revised version March 14th, 1 pm)

Dear deans, directors, and colleagues,

This a follow-up announcement by Charles University in response to the Czech government’s state of emergency declaration on Thursday, March 12, 2020, to counter the growing coronavirus threat. Please read carefully.


Currently there are no plans to alter the schedule of the 2019/2020 academic year. However, if extraordinary measures remain in place longer, changes will be taken to extend classes and the exam period to extend into June and July 2020. We are gauging what constitutes a standard study period (with regards to mandatory fees) and are preparing changes to internal regulations – should they prove necessary.

The Rector’s Sports Day (scheduled for 6 May 2020) has been cancelled to allow more time for teaching (if classes resume).

Foreign trips

All Charles University students and staff are currently forbidden from travelling abroad, effective immediately and until further notice.


Students returning from – or having travelled through – high-risk areas abroad are required to self-isolate for 14 days and to not come into contact with teachers, other university staff or fellow students. University faculties can modify this requirement in the case of medical students who want to volunteer to help during the crisis, providing they are not returning from a high-risk country where mandatory self-isolation/quarantine is required by the government under the state of emergency resolution.

Faculty deans will ensure that students returning from abroad will have the opportunity to complete the spring semester in the academic year of 2019/2020 so as to continue in their studies next year unhindered. In such cases, block study, or e-courses at partner universities abroad where students are already enrolled can count towards students’ successful completion of the semester.

The Foreign Relations office at the Charles University rectorate has contacted all foreign students studying at Charles University and informed them about developments. For now, foreign students on Erasmus exchange programmes are not required to return to their native countries.

Foreign students at Charles University wishing to end their stay early, may apply the “Act of God” clause, which will allow them to draw their stipend from the day of arrival to the day of early departure. There is also the possibility, being discussed with the national bureau for the Erasmus programme in the Czech Republic, the Centre for International Cooperation in Education (DZS), for foreign students to be exempt from returning funds already spent, for example, on accommodation.

Foreign students already studying at Charles University or setting out, are required to respect the same requirements as all other students (described in the rector’s announcement of 10 March 2020).

Other forms of mobility

It will be negotiated that any students who qualified for mobility programmes on offer (Fond mobility, POINT, inter-university contracts, other) who have missed the opportunity to go abroad, will be able to do so at a later date, after the state of emergency is lifted and conditions are suitable again.

Students already abroad under such mobility programmes are recommended to get in touch and remain in contact with the closest local representative office of the Czech Republic and to carefully consider the situation. We leave it up to these students to rationally weight the risks of staying versus returning home (including the mandatory quarantine period) as well as potential risk represented for family members, partners, etc.)

Students who qualified for funding in internal university competitions but were unable to move ahead with their project because of current circumstances will be given priority and top the list next semester or next year once conditions are suitable. Students who began projects but were unable to complete them and already spent some funds, will not be required to return those to the university.

Charles University is ready to try and help any students and staff currently in the United Stated or other countries that have enacted travel bans with Europe, should they request it.

Foreign full-degree students 

In the case of foreign full-degree students, the situation is different as some of them can be expected to wish to return to their home countries. Charles University undertakes to provide all help and assistance required to enable foreign students to leave for their home countries. At the same time, however, those students who decide to travel to their home countries have to consider whether and when they will be able or allowed to return to the Czech Republic, especially in the event that the lectures are resumed.


The following refectories remain open:

  • Menza Albertov
  • Menza Kajetánka
  • Menza Sport
  • Menza Na Kotli (Hradec Králové)
  • Menza Šafránkův pavilon (Plzeň)
  • Výdejna HTF
  • Výdejna kavárna “U Rotlevů“
  • Výdejna Jinonice including “bufet”– shortened opening hours - from 8:00 – 14:00
  • Výdejna Hvězda
  • Bufet UHK (Hradec Králové)
  • Výdejna Lidická (Plzeň)
  • Bufet a výdejna LF (Plzeň)
  • Provoz Cateringu na menze Právnická
  • Bufet RUK – shortened hours 8:00 – 14:00
  • Snídárna na koleji Komenského
  • Kavárna „U Rotlevů“ – standard opening hours 8:00 – 20:00

From March 16, 2020, the following sites will be closed until further notice

  • Menza Právnická
  • Menza Arnošta z Pardubic
  • Menza Budeč
  • Bufet Právnická
  • Studentský klub Celetná - SKC

Charles University ID cards

ID pick-up sites at the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics were shut down on March 12.

Pick-up centres in Celetná Street and in Hradec Králové remain open but with modified opening hours: from 10h00 to 14h00. The site in Pilsen is operating without changes.

CU Point chill out zone

The chill out zone at CU Point (Celetná 13, Prague 1) will be closed from March 16 until further notice. Services offered by CU Point for students, applicants, staff, and graduates remain unaffected.


Information service:



tel.: +420 224 491 850

Carolinum Advisory Services

Carolinum Advisory Services are continuing unimpeded.

Hostivař Sports Centre

Hostivař Sports Centre is closed from March 13, 2020 until further notice. All planned events at the centre are hereby cancelled. Compensation for cancelled events will be discussed with the relevant parties next week.

Training Centres

The following training centres will be closed until further notice beginning on March 16, 2020.

  • VS Patejdlova bouda
  • VS Pec pod Sněžkou (chata VAK)
  • VS Albeř
  • VS Horní Poříčí
  • VS Dobronice

All events planned at the sites named are hereby cancelled, whether training, pedagogical, recreational or otherwise. Booked and paid reservations, including pre-paid meals, will be refunded in full.

Allow me to express my sincere thanks for your cooperation and rational and calm approach.

Best regards,

Rector Tomáš Zima

March 12th, 18:48 - Charles University Rector’s Proclamation

Dear deans, directors, and colleagues,

I am sending this announcement following the Czech government’s decision to declare a state of emergency on Thursday, March 12, 2020, beginning at 14h00 and to last 30 days, a response to the health crisis caused by the spread of the coronavirus (usnesení vlády České republiky č. 69/2020 Sb., ze dne 12. 3. 2020, kterým byl v souladu s čl. 5 a 6 ústavního zákona č. 110/1998 Sb., o bezpečnosti České republiky).



Importantly, the conditions set within the state of emergency will not impact measures adopted by Charles University earlier this week concerning pedagogical, scientific and research activities. All three will continue uninterrupted – the only thing that is changing is the form of education and other activities.

In response to your questions, let me emphasise that individual forms of teaching and education, such as consultations, individual laboratory work, and so on, are not affected. Likewise, individual and state exams will also continue. In terms of the state of emergency, care must be taken not to exceed a ban forbidding groups of more than 30 people meeting.

Deans of Charles University faculties may agree to exceptions for students or staff who volunteer to help in the face of the crisis. Currently, the university and the Health Ministry of the Czech Republic are negotiating the possibility of 5th and 6th year university medical students helping health care services during this period.


Students and staff abroad

Charles University is focussing on students and staff who are currently abroad for study or work reasons (including students and staff in the United States). The university will make an announcement about developments on Friday.


Dormitories and refectories

Dormitories remain unaffected but with lower demand or need, output at refectories will be lessened beginning next week. The university will release more details on Friday.  


If you have any questions, please address those to Charles University’s crisis team at krizovytym@cuni.cz

We are continuing to monitor developments and will inform you without delay about new steps should the situation change.

Allow me to extend my thanks to all of you for your efforts, cooperation and calm and rational approach. Together, we will get through this difficult period.

Best regards,

Rector Tomáš Zima

March 12th, 16:43, TASK FORCE INSTRUCTION No. 1/2020

At its meeting on 12 March 2020, the Task Force of Charles University, Faculty of Science issued an instruction with the following wording:


In order to prevent the spread of the viral disease Covid-19, the Task Force of Charles University, Faculty of Science emphatically recommends that employees (academic and non-academic workers) and students of the Faculty of Science do not make any foreign business or private trips,

whereas it also

emphatically recommends that all employees (academic and non-academic workers) and students of the Faculty of Science end any foreign trips they may currently be on as soon as possible.

After returning to the Czech Republic, all employees and students must comply with the current compulsory instructions issued by the state administration authorities and work from home for a period of 14 days from the moment of their return.

The above-mentioned instruction relates to all employees and students of the Faculty of Science and applies to all foreign destinations.



At the same time, in accordance with Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 194 of 12 March 2020, effective as of 13 March 2020 from 6:00 a.m. until further notice, operation of the Rybička Nursery School is interrupted.

RNDr. Radim Perlín, PhD, member of the Task Force and Chair of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Science at Charles University is commissioned with publication of this standpoint on the faculty website.


March 11th, 6:25 pm

The university’s stance on the directive issued by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic on March 10, 2020

Charles University is interpreting the Ministry of Health’s resolution (č. MZDR 10676/2020–1/MIN/KAN) from March 10, 2020 as a ban aimed at countering the spread of Covid-19 among students and staff in classrooms. It is by no means a sign to give up on or discontinue pedagogical activity or learning.

 A complete ban on university activities would mean that students in their final year of studies would be left at a marked disadvantage and would be unable to complete their education. Such a decision would negatively impact, for example, students of medicine soon to be entering the workplace. It is therefore essential that pedagogical, scientific and research activities at Charles University continue as before. The form of delivery has changed for the time being - from presentational to distance learning – but that is all.

The university workplace

It is paramount that all Charles University sites and workplaces remain open. Individual workplaces are not shutting down; simply, researchers and other staff are shifting the bulk of their pedagogical activities but will offer the same through distance learning. Individual forms of teaching, consultations, individual laboratory work can continue as before to meet goals set by individual faculties.

Currently, we are discussing the issue of student training at university hospitals with the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Study checks

Individual exams are continuing without change. Study checks ie. testing of large groups have been discontinued until further notice (for example, written exams) Individuals tests – such as state exams – have not been affected.

Dormitories and refectories

Dormitories and refectories are operating as normal but with heightened hygiene measures. We are asking students not to gather in larger groups and to focus on self-education. We are leaving it up to students to choose whether to return to their families’ homes but appeal to them to rationally consider the move so as not to put older relatives (grandparents or great grandparents) at risk.

Should you have any questions, please address those to Charles University’s crisis team at krizovytym@cuni.cz 

We are continuing to monitor developments and will inform you without delay about new steps should the situation change.

Thank you for your cooperation, continued dedication and a calm and rational approach.

Best regards,

Rector Tomáš Zima


March 10th, 6:54 pm

Coronavirus - Current announcement of the Dean of the Faculty of Science

Dear colleagues, dear students,

I turn to you in connection to today´s measure of the Minister of Health and Rector of Charles University with the following announcement which specifies an operation of the Faculty of Science, Charles University.


1) From 10. 3. 2020, 6 p.m. I forbid access of students to buildings of the Faculty of Science CU and other faculties of CU or other universities.

2) I am canceling all direct teaching (lectures, exercises, turnus practises, teaching practises etc.) during special measures. I am also canceling all personal consultations. ( I will contact directors of faculty schools, I will excuse the students from practises and I will discuss the next steps with directors of the faculty schools.)

3) During the special measure I also forbid activities related to preparation of theses (bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and rigorosum) that require the presence of students at faculty laboratories, libraries etc. Students who are employed at the faculty shall consult the situation with their supervisors. 

4) We ask the teachers to inform the students via SIS what are the instructions for alternative methods of teaching during at least next two weeks or for the period of special measures (online lectures prepared by the Information Technology Centre, distance learning and self study, consultations via e-mail or phone, etc.). 

5) After the special measures are over, I am ready to provide a new Dean’s Measure for the academic year 2019/2020 to address the situation. Possible new terms will be specified to enable students to complete the requirements according to their study plans. 

6) To communicate with the Study Department, use e-mail instead of personal visits. Documents sent via e-mail from addresses at natur.cuni.cz temporarily replace original documents. Original documents will be provided later on according to the instructions of the Study Department. 

Dear all, 

we all know that the situation is serious. I ask you to remain calm and I assure you that we will provide all the necessary and updated information on the faculty’s website - and therefore I ask you to check the website regularly. Key information will be sent via e-mail. I believe that together we can overcome this situation and that we will be soon able to return to the faculty. 

prof. RNDr. Jiří Zima, CSc.


March 10th 2020, 3:20 pm

Charles University Rector’s Order regarding the Covid-19 threat

Charles University’s rector has issued an order prohibiting all students and other participants from attending class regardless of type of study or classes (presentational, long distance or combined) as of Wednesday, March 11, 2020. The order is in accordance with a decision by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic in response to the threat of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The possibility of long-distance study is recommended.

  • As of 18h00 on Tuesday, March 10, ALL ceremonial activities at Charles University (including all degree or graduation ceremonies) are hereby cancelled.

  • As of 18h00 on Tuesday, March 10, ALL symposia, sports events and other gatherings where attendance is expected to be higher than 100 people, are cancelled.


Individual faculties as well as university bodies are advised to carefully consider the need for any event involving up to a maximum 100 participants.

This order was issued at 11:45 on March 10, 2020.

Additional important information for students as well as teaching and non-teaching staff

A message from Rector Tomáš Zima


While all regular classes have been discontinued following the resolution issued on March 10 by the Health Ministry of the Czech Republic in the face of the coronavirus threat, I am asking teaching staff to maintain focus and to ensure the learning process and ongoing research continue at full strength albeit long distance. Pedagogues should electronically send information and study materials to students in the interim. At the same time, students are asked to remain in contact with teachers and lecturers and to maintain open communication. Individual consultation as well as checks on studies and study programmes have not been cancelled but are continuing.


The International Relations Office at Charles University’s rectorate is contacting students preparing for studies abroad under the Erasmus programme to tell them they need to cancel under the current circumstances. Foreign students studying at Charles University are asked to respect the same conditions listed in the paragraph above.

Graduation ceremonies

All graduation ceremonies have been cancelled for the time being and will be rescheduled when appropriate. Students requiring their diploma before then will be able to pick it up from their faculty's student affairs office. Those who pick up their diplomas early will still be able to take part in the official ceremony later.

Dormitories and refectories

Dormitories and refectories are operating as normal but with heightened hygiene measures. We ask students and guests to keep an eye on their health and in the event of illness to seek medical attention without delay. Students living in dormitories are asked to meet all hygiene and security standards and to behave responsibly in their surroundings.


I ask all of our faculties and their offices to allow all employees with children in pre- or elementary schools (which are now closed) - who can do so - to work from home (home office). The same applies for employees in higher-risk groups including anyone who is pregnant staff, suffering underlying health issues or who is 60 or older. Research and creative work at Charles University, meanwhile, continues.

Charles University is monitoring developments and will inform students and staff regularly when there are changes.

I thank you for taking a calm and rational approach.

Best regards,

Rector Tomáš Zima


March 2nd


Employees and students who, within the past 14 days, have been in high-risk areas with the demonstrable transmission of the coronavirus according to the current list of the Ministry of the Environment (MZV ČR) – which can be found here:


and who do not have any clinical signs of the illness, are recommended to remain in home quarantine for a period of two weeks.

Students placing themselves in home quarantine must immediately notify the CU FS Study Department either by telephone or e-mail, NOT in person. Contact information for the study department secretaries is available here:  https://www.natur.cuni.cz/eng/study/department-of-student-affairs   

A declaration must also be submitted to the relevant study department secretary stating the place and dates spent in the high-risk area, along with the address where the student will be staying during the home quarantine.

The fulfilment of the study obligations that are restricted due to home quarantine will be handled by the faculty on an individual basis with a maximum effort to accommodate the students.

Employees placing themselves in home quarantine must immediately notify the head of their department and faculty head of staff by telephone or e-mail. A declaration must also be submitted stating the place and dates spent in the high-risk area, along with the address where they will be staying during their home quarantine.

The employee will make arrangements with the head of his/her department regarding the fulfilment of work duties during the quarantine period.


If any clinical symptoms appear, employees and students should contact their general practitioner and follow the latest instructions issued by the Ministry of Health (MZ ČR).


Faculty employees and students are advised to not travel to high-risk areas defined in the current recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MZV ČR): https://www.mzcr.cz/dokumenty/doporuceni-ministerstva-zdravotnictvi-obcanum-cr-a-dalsim-osobam-prijizdejicim-z_18589_1.html

No students or employees are currently being sent to these areas for work or study.


Considering the dynamic development of the situation, we recommend for CU FS students and employees to keep abreast of the latest recommendations issued by the CU Rector here: https://cuni.cz/UK-6311.html?news=9598&locale=cz

and especially general information from Ministry of Health (MZ ČR) here: https://www.mzcr.cz/dokumenty/informace-pro-obcany-v-souvislosti-s-aktualnim-vyskytem-cinskeho-koronaviru-2019_18415_1.html

Where to find information

Find the latest information in Czech and English about COVID-19 at the following websites:

World Health Organisation (WHO):


Research information (WHO):


The newest study of the coronavirus (Nature):


Anti-hoax page (AFP):




Published: Mar 04, 2020 10:30 AM

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