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Call for collaborative projects from the community of academics at 4EU+universities

The 4EU+ European University Alliance, which we are members of, opened the first call for joint education projects. Available details on the call might be found in attached document together with form of application. The deadline for proposals is June 15th for Flagship 2 and July1st for all the other Flagships.

Call for collaborative projects from the community of academics at 4EU+universities


  • The first call will be open till 1 July 2020
  • The call supports a wide range of education activities:
    • short term (courses, workshops, summer schools, joint tuition of PhD, shared online courses)
    • Long term (preparation of joint study programs)
  • Minimum requirements
  • Applications with the following features will be funded as a priority:
    • Clear and demonstrated potential for future development and continuity
    • Value added of novel educational approaches to partner institutions
    • Unique and novel combination of experience from partner institutions
    • Long term sustainability


  • Budget of the projects:
    • there is currently no limitation for the budget of proposals
    • the overall budget should be justified by content of the proposal
    •  the budget might include:
      • Travel expenses - for participants (permanent staff, temporary staff, students and doctoral candidates) from all co-beneficiaries taking part in an action of the project; accommodation costs and subsistence costs/per diem.
      • Equipment - costs will be based on the justification
        of the costs actually incurred
      • Other costs – lab material (chemicals, consumables, etc);transfer of best practices to higher education institutions outside the Alliance; dissemination of knowledge and information (e.g. advertising in the media, promotional materials and activities); renting of premises for major events; audits; bank charges; subcontracting for specific tasks; travel and/or subsistence costs of third parties (experts, professors, speakers etc.) contributing to the European University's activities; catering
      • The proposal form should be handled via email into the local office by principal coordinator of the project (it is handed in only once within 4EU+).
      • The contacts to the local offices:

      • Charles University: 4euplus@cuni.cz
      • Heidelberg University: punstein@rektorat.uni- heidelberg.de
      • Sorbonne University: julien.tognetti@sorbonne-universite.fr + rakhee.patel@sorbonne-universite.fr
      • University of Copenhagen: hgt@adm.ku.dk
      • University of Milan: 4euplus@unimi.it
      • University of Warsaw: marta.brelih-wasowska@adm.uw.edu.pl+marta.jaworska-oknińska@adm.uw.edu.pl

      • Proposals will be evaluated Flagship Programme Committee and then approved/rejected by an expert group on education and the 4EU+ Secretary General
      • Expected start of projects – October 2020

4EU+ Educational Projects form 

Published: May 25, 2020 12:25 PM

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